How to Measure Your Green Meeting’s ROI

limo service nyA great way for an association to present itself as green is at a meeting or exposition. This makes sense – the setting is about as public as it gets and they’re often a large source of income. There is no denying that green meetings have taken off. Similarly, it’s hard to dispute the benefits but is that the whole story? What is the real ROI and how can you go green anyway? This blog post attempts to answer these two questions in plain language, so that our customers can both benefit from, and implement their own, green meetings.

It’s important for planners to be able to quantify what the expense incurred in going green has actually brought as a benefit. Was the extra time and effort worth it beyond a warmer ‘image’? Concrete facts are what will be needed to convince CEOs and boards to approve of these measures. The good news is that these facts are not that difficult to generate, if you start your planning with them in mind.

Here’s How

A recent educational seminar entitled “Evaluating Green Meeting ROI” suggested that it is important to break down your meeting into specific, easy to manage – and quantify – parts. This is opposed to trying to calculate overall CO2 emission or to declare it ‘sustainable’. Such, easy to consider, parts include: setup, food and beverage, the venue and exhibition. With each of these parts in mind, it was suggested that you then try and align the goals of your meeting with measures to reduce environmental impact. This sounds a bit intangible, so here are some examples:

For setup consider water options that maximize sustainability. Choose a venue provider that has a good track record of an environmental approach – look for recycling policies and energy generation solutions. Source locally produced food and beverages that cut down on transport costs – and associated pollution – and, most likely, taste better.

Here’s why

Once you have an idea of how each part of your meeting can be green, you need to meticulously document how this will save money for your organization. You can compare each part to previous meetings you’ve held as a fair comparison, this should hopefully show you how much money has been saved. You can then set about presenting the harder to define image benefits. This means demonstrating how each measure not just minimizes environmental impact but how it shows that you’re doing just that.

You also need to consider the PR aspects of declaring a meeting green. Saying a meeting is green is something lots of companies are doing but it must be a real declaration. It’s no use presenting yourself as green and have your board members photographed turning up in gas-guzzling SUVs!

Transport Considerations

We’ve left transport considerations ‘till last as it’s one of the most emotive and sensitive issues. You can’t pick important people up from the airport on a tandem bicycle: similarly, you can’t go green and not change the transportation methods that you use. At MTC limousine we have over 25 years experience in delivering sustainable ground transportation solutions. What’s more, we have the technology, fleet and planning experience to ensure that any event we support does not just look green but genuinely achieves all that is possible, within resources, to achieve a sustainable movement plan. With us you have the benefit of choosing a large company with a proven track record of success in sustainable transportation. A company that has invested in the latest technology that delivers nothing but the best in executive travel. Call our meetings and events team on 800-682-1112 for your next meeting for your next meeting.

Posted on Jan 17 2014

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