How to Save Money By Traveling Last Minute

limousine service NY, westchester limoLast minute deals are an excellent way to travel cheaply, and they can even be beneficial to the standard business traveler. If you know that you need to meet with a business partner within the next month -- but not exactly when during the next month -- you can have your assistant use these tips to get you deals.

Look for Last Minute Packages

There are often package deals available on websites such as Expedia and; these deals include everything from hotel stay to flights. These last minute packages are often quite affordable because they pair empty plane seats with empty hotel rooms. Even better, by booking a single package you won't need to make any additional arrangements. If you know that you need to travel somewhere but have a flexible schedule, this is an excellent solution.

Name Your Price

When you have a flexible travel schedule, you have more negotiating power. Use a "name your price" site like PriceLine and simply put your projected travel budgets in. When your price point has been hit, the website will alert you (or your assistant) and you will be able to book the flight you need at the price you want. Flights and hotel rates can fluctuate dramatically over even a few hours, so it isn't always feasible to just keep on checking. However, do keep in mind that occasionally flight prices can rise if you wait to book them.

Just Call Directly

Of course, there is something to be said about the direct approach. You can often simply call the hotel or airline up and ask them, "I'm traveling tomorrow -- what are the best rates you can give me?" If you're able to travel quickly, you can often get great deals as airlines and hotels struggle to book their services. Don't be afraid to ask for a lower rate than the first rate that they offer! You have nothing to lose.

Get the Apps

You don't need to rely on travel websites to get your information. There are many apps, such as tripBam and Jetsetter, that offer regular travel deals and information. Even apps such as GroupOn and Living Social often advertise specific travel deals. You can be on the look out for anything that meets your requirements -- if your business is in a well-trafficked location, such as Seattle or Los Angeles, you're very likely to eventually get a deal. And with an app, the deal will go straight to your phone.

Of course, the above tricks of the trade also work for your personal life -- so don't forget to consider these little tips when you go to book your personal travel arrangements, too!

Posted on Aug 08 2014

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