How To Sleep Like A Log While On Business

sleepNo matter how many challenges you’re likely to face while on the road, you won’t be able to rise to them if you don’t have a good night’s sleep. The success of your trip is directly related to your ability to perform and if your sleep get’s interrupted or you just can’t drop off, the consequences are clear. This short post lets you in on a few sure fire methods to ensure you can sleep in hotels and thus give it your best.

Start with the head

Those of us with back or neck pain know just how important the right pillow can be. A sensible question to ask the hotel is: ‘what pillow options do you offer’. Lots of hotels have firmer option for guests that need better neck support. You just need to make sure you ask.

Get the right room

A room with a view might be nice, a quit room is essential. This means: upper floors and away from elevators, ice machines and utility closets. You can also ask for a suite or concierge level room if you want to make sure they’re likely to be quiet. These rooms have higher, quieter ceilings.

Get in the right state

Eating late or large in the evening can hinder sleep. Your stomach will still likely be digesting and this could stop you from dropping off. Stress can compound this. On the other hand a warm, non-caffeinated drink or small night cap could help you drop off.

Block out what you don’t want

Blocking out unwanted sounds can further aid a good night’s sleep. Some machines commonly produce what’s known as white noise – this is a non-intrusive background noise that should mask other noises. Some hotels offer white noise machines and there are apps and programs to put them on most devices. You could use a fan.

The right temperature

A common reason for a disturbed night’s sleep is the wrong temperature. Waking up sweating or being too cold will disturb you night of bliss. So take a little time to adjust the room temperature, sheets and other methods you have of regulating temperature before climbing into bed.

The right mood

Taking a short break after work and before sleep can facilitate the right frame of mind for sleep. Worrying about things you should have done will not. So get into a decompression routine before sleeping.

While we hope these tips are useful, we may not be able to guarantee you a good night’s rest but we can offer concrete assurances in another area of your trip – as an organization dedicated to providing sustainable ground transportation solutions in the New York and New York metro area, we can provide world-class ground transportation. We operate a high tech fleet of low carbon footprint vehicles and have the goal of driving a new transportation revolution in sustainable and environmentally aware transportation and would love to be your responsible ground transportation partner. Call us today to join the transport revolution.


Adapted from Event Manager Blog (orginal article written by Mark Breen)

Posted on Mar 01 2014

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