How to Speed Through Your Next Airport Security Check

limo service ny, westchester limo, limousine serviceAre you tired of wasting time in line at the airport? There are ways that you can speed up your airport security check but many of them take advanced preparation. Next time you need to take a business trip consider these tips.

Go Casual With the Shoes

Though you may need to be dressed for work otherwise, it's a good idea to bring a pair of slippers with you when you go through security. Leave your shoes in the carry on and use the slippers in the airport so that you're not stuck unlacing at the scanner. You can switch shoes when you arrive at your destination.

Opt For The Body Scanner

If you don't have any particular reservations about the body scanner, it's usually faster than the alternative. If you decide to opt out of the body scanner, the TSA will usually conduct a pat down. A pat down will take much longer and be invasive in a completely different way.

Put Together a "Security Bag"

Passengers are allowed to bring two items: an item of luggage and a small bag such as a backpack or purse. For your small bag, put together a security bag. This security bag can be a simple, draw-string bag that you can put your jacket, belt, shoes and any other small items in. Toss these items into the bag while you're in line so that you can throw them through the scanner. Otherwise you will need to slowly disassemble and reassemble yourself when you get to the plastic bins--and you could potentially forget something.

Sign Up For PreCheck

PreCheck operates like a background check for fliers. Through PreCheck the TSA will clear you in advance so that you don't need to go through the complex security screening that other passengers do. It's only $85 for five years; well worth it for frequent travelers. The catch is that it will take some time to get clearance because they need to be thorough. If you're interested in this program, it's best to get started now.

A security check usually moves quite quickly; most of the reason you'll find yourself backed up is due to the sheer volume of passengers. If you're very concerned about wasting time in the airport consider booking your flights through less populated airports.

As you speed through security with our tips, we will be waiting for you on either end of your travel.  Nothing beats knowing your MTC Limousine driver is ready and waiting for you after a long flight.

Posted on Jul 16 2014

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