How Uncertainty over Homeland Security Funding Affected Business Traveler Plans

limo service ny, westchester limo, limousine serviceEven if you don’t spend much time keeping up with political developments or how politicians get into disputes over funding, you likely have noted that the recent uncertainty over funding for the Homeland Security Department, since it had the potential to affect your travel plans this year. 

This is especially true for business travelers and the support staffers that help them make their arrangements. In fact, Michael W. McCormick, the executive director of the Global Business Travel Association, described the high level of frustration travel manager experienced over the standoff in congress over funding in a recent article in the New York Times.

“People ultimately do have to make decisions whether to postpone trips that could be disrupted — and that has a high cost,” said McCormick.

If funding problems led to a shutdown, approximately 60,000 employees working in Customs and Border Protection and in the Transportation Security Administration might have been affected. This could have lead to chaos and major disruptions in travel all across the nation. 

Even if TSA workers were permitted to continue going to work, their support staff would have likely been furloughed. The prospect of just one week of bridge funding to keep things going during the budget dispute made it difficult for corporate travel managers to properly plan the arrangements they needed to make.

Fortunately, after authorization cleared the Senate, the House passed a bill 257 to 167 to fund the Department of Homeland Security through the remainder of this fiscal year last Tuesday and they sent it to President Obama, who was expected to sign it, noted the Washington Post.

Whatever position you have about how Congress handled the funding of the department of Homeland Security, you will undoubtedly be breathing a sigh of relief now that the turmoil has subsided and funding has been set in motion. This snafu can serve as a reminder of how interconnected our political infrastructure is with our transportation networks and the importance of certainty when it comes to making sure we have enough funding in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Posted on Mar 13 2015

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