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Ideas to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work

Posted on: November 15th, 2016 by MTC Limousine

As autumn approaches and the year nearly comes to an end, we start to plan for the next year organization’s goals but first we give thanks for everything that happened this year.

At many workplaces, Thanksgiving Day is considered a very important occasion and is celebrated accordingly.

At some workplaces, a corporate thanksgiving party is being thrown by all the employers, and they celebrate this special occasion to express gratitude and thankfulness to each other.

Maybe you think to organize it too, but it’s too late to figure something big out. As experienced organizers, MTC Limo has few simple suggestions:

Lunch Treat

Saying thanks with a Thank you “lunch treat” is an unmatched idea. A lunch party outside the office is a break, and it will be welcomed. From their hectic routine to time they can relax a lunch outing can be a great idea. Like a boss, this is also the perfect occasion to mingle with your employees to refresh the bond.


Getting the employees to engage in some Thanksgiving activities also is a great idea. Engage your employee in some decoration activity, theme based best recipe contest, theme based best dress contest. Treat everyone equally irrespective of their designation and encourage them to participate in activities.

Holiday Trip:

Organizing and planning a holiday trip with employees can also be a brilliant idea.

Thanksgiving is not only for a day. It’s an opportunity to communicate,  to come together, to be grateful for every favor no matter small or big, to work together as one, to overlook minor issues and to above all to celebrate life.

Count on Group Transportation from MTC Limo

MTC Transportation is the ideal solution for you Thanksgiving Party. If you choose to treat everybody to lunch, you can start the bonding experience since you step into your ride. Being able to book a vehicle that will fit everyone in it’s important for the group dynamics.

Organizing a trip will also require transportation. Why not choose a professional? With a fleet of vans and mini-coaches MTC Transportation is an ideal partner for your Thanksgiving Party.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our planning professionals to help you figure this one out. This is a great opportunity to show your employees you care more than they know.

Call now and let us help with your office party.


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