How to Keep Your Employees Engaged At Business Meetings

How often have you had a presentation you worked diligently on in preparation, only to find that your staff's eyes glazing over and them trying to cover up their yawns? Business meetings are a necessity in order to emphasize proper communication and keep a company in the present, but they aren't surefire ways to keep your employees alert and motivated. Here are some ways to keep your employees engaged at business meetings.

  1. Engage With Them

In order to have your employees engaged, you must be engaging. A business meeting should not be a one-sided affair. Ask open-ended questions at various points in the meeting, particularly in the beginning so that you get your employees' minds working. Find ways to relate new ideas and strategies to various roles around the office, so that each employee finds their input is valuable.

  1. Make Your Presentations Dynamic

We don't just mean you should have a flashy PowerPoint presentation (although that can certainly help if done right). You should also be as dynamic and enthusiastic as possible. If you seem disinterested, like you just want to get the meeting done with, your employees are going to follow suit. Practice proper speaking and body language, so that meetings have your employees sitting up instead of slumping down. Just make sure that you aren't overly-enthusiastic, or you're come across as insincere.

  1. Know How/What to Emphasize

If you have an expert understanding of a topic, you should be able to simplify it without any problems. In order to capture attention at a business meeting, you need to get to the heart of the matter and show your employees why they should care. This doesn't mean you should lie or stretch the truth, but you should be able to summarize things succinctly and effectively. Once the broad ideas are known, you can delve into the finer details without fear of losing your audience.

  1. Don't Steal the Spotlight

The best speakers know when to stop talking. If your idea of leading a meeting is to speak in one long-winded paragraph, then you're going to have trouble keeping your employees interested. Give deference to other people and encourage them to speak up as well. A meeting should have the energy of a well-flowing conversation in order to feel truly lively.

  1. Pace Yourself

A meeting needs to be well-timed in order to keep your employees engaged. Think about how a good book or film should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Mirror your meeting in that fashion and use clear language to indicate what point you and your employees are at.

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Posted on May 02 2017

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