Keep Your Employees Safe During Holiday Office Parties

Companies are making preparations for work holiday parties which are sure to include plenty of food, fun, and frolicking after a busy year. It can be a great time for team members to bond on other levels outside of work, as well as an opportune time for companies to express their appreciation for the efforts of their people.

However, any holiday office party can also put the company at risk for potential lawsuits stemming from inappropriate behaviors, drinking alcoholic beverages, food poisoning, DUIs, property damage, accidents and injuries, and more.

That’s why it’s important to do some preparation ahead of time to ensure a safe holiday event.

Choose the right venue for hosting the holiday party

It may seem like a good way to cut costs, but never hold a company holiday party onsite. Why? The company will be responsible for any injuries, or damage to the property caused by employees and their guests. Instead, avoid much of the risk of a holiday party by holding the event at a venue that’s centrally located to where employees live. This reduces the need to travel great distances – a factor that will help reduce possible accidents from drinking and driving. Check with nearby restaurants, hotels, and community halls for holiday rentals well in advance. Better yet, hire a ground transportation company the handle all the aspects of the ground transportation.

Provide a Variety of Healthy Food Choices

While your holiday office party may include an open bar, you can limit the drinks by issuing 2 drink tickets to each employee and then shutting the bar down at a certain time.

Take the time to hire a catering company and serve a variety of healthy food choices to your employees. Watch out for foods that can create allergies and illness in employees such as seafood, rich sauces, and fried foods.

Try regional food and those that are in season for your area. This adds a lot of flavor and fun to your holiday festivities.

Provide beverage alternative such as juices, coffee, tea, and fresh spring water. Have healthy snacks on tables within arm’s reach.

Plan Great Entertainment and Activities

It's easy to keep employees safe during holiday party if you have plenty of indoor activities and entertainment to keep their interest. You run the risk of employees heading outside to engage in unhealthy behaviors when you do not provide entertainment options (smoking, drinking, etc.). Try hiring a local disk jockey or band to play for your employees. Or set up at karaoke station and let the hilarity ensue.

Encourage employees to get out and mingle with others. Dancing can be a great way to accomplish this.  Include activities for younger people too.  Set up game and activity tables around the space where people will be gathering for the holiday party.

Have Employee Benefit Information Handy

Do your part as an employer by keeping employee benefit information handy throughout the party. This can be as simple as having an application on your phone to access information.

This is critical as the benefits manager because accidents and illnesses stemming from a work party require fast access to employee benefit information.

Another way to approach this is to have a staff meeting in advance of the holiday party, to remind employees of ways they can reduce getting hurt or sick during parties and other celebrations they will be attending this year. Remind them how they can log into the company employee benefits portal, find their health information cards, and what to do if they have a health concern.

Just a little planning in advance can cut down on holiday party safety issues, to make this a more joyful time of year.

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Posted on Oct 11 2016

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