Be a Leader - How to Eliminate Procrastination in The Workplace in 2017

Nowadays, procrastination is the biggest reason for poor performance in the workplace. Why is procrastination such a common occurrence?  How can you minimize? We are all guilty of putting off distasteful tasks, we all have things we put off for the last minute.  What can we do to end this?

To learn how it can be diminished or eliminated first, you must understand why it is happening. Motivation is one of the biggest enemies of procrastination and starts by knowing that if your people are motivated they will get things done, on a deadline. If they are not motivated they are only going to do the bare minimum required. And that’s because there is just no reason to do more, no motivation. Absolutely everyone, with no exception, must be incentivized to get this done in the proper way.

Of course, there are many ways to motivate your team, and there are tons of tip, trick, hacks, book written on this subject. Given the dynamic of the team, most will work, a few will fail, but there is something you can do that will always will work.

We will quickly name just a few of the more common methods that proved it worked no matter the dynamic.

Reward your people

When executives think of reward systems, they typically put compensation first. Since few people are willing or able to work for free, there is nothing wrong in that. Think carefully about that your budget is a most probably a simple number, not a phone number.

Some executives say that the right strategy also including a compensation that must be directly linked to the targets of the company. The simplest example is: you have a lot a task, you need someone you can delegate to do some of it for you. Well, now you have.  What's the reward exactly? Well, you get to be in charge of important tasks, related to the executive's position that means you get exposed, that means you get to grow, you get access to info, it's like you are taking an improving course to get ready for the next step in the corporate ladder.

Whether you choose compensation or a recommendation to help your employee to get promoted, do not depreciate the importance of reward you best.

Recognize publicly your achievements

Employees like to know whether they're doing great, bad or average, so it's important that you tell them. Whether is a constructive feedback, or a "keep up the good work" feedback do not hold back.

Send them an email, thank them during the team meeting, make sure everyone will hear. It's not a big deal for you, but it is for them. Sometimes recognition matter more than money! Some call that motivation. And some employees feel the urge to step up and do better than that. There you go!

Show them trust

Good people want more responsibility, and you should give them. Take advantage. Help you and your team because if you reward success with more trust and responsibility, it will make you a real leader. You reward and grow your team at the same time.

In 2017, plan a Team Building with your team. Spend time with them, act like you are one of them. You are, but they don’t see like that.

Send the email to you employees a month before, make sure everybody is excited.

Make sure, that during the team building you are all together at least once and talk about yourselves: goals in 2017, even it's about a new car or a house join in, show them you have goals too. Being their boss, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have everything you want.

Don’t sweat on the planning hire the professionals, don't get involved too much in the planning because you will start to overthink the details and not enjoy it as much.

Let MTC Limousine take care of the planning. We will ensure an excellent team bonding and an extraordinary change in your team attitude. Why? Pampering them with chauffeured transportation means you care, showing that, they will do the job without any psychologic restraint that "the boss doesn't care anyway!"

Be a better leader, build the best team in 2017 and let MTC Transportation take care of the details.


Posted on Nov 29 2016

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