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Limousine Operator Tips: How to Get the Most Money for Your Used Car

Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by admin

limo service westchesterWhether trading in your used car or selling it outright to a private party, there are a number of ways to get the most money possible. As expected, this requires a little bit of effort, but it will pay off in the end.  Here our our best limousine operator tips for selling a used car for the most money.

Tips Proven to Work

  • Private Buyer – For starters, the amount of money you ultimately get when selling your used car will be greater if sold to a private buyer as opposed to using it as a trade-in. Not only does it take time to trade in a vehicle, but salespeople are notorious for being pushy. Because of this, you might end purchasing a more expensive vehicle than intended. 
  • Keep It Clean – Something as simple as cleaning out your used car will go a long way in boosting the sales price. Regardless if your used car is an SUV, truck, family sedan, or limo, the cleaner, the better. This consists of getting rid of all trash, cleaning windows, wiping off the dash, thoroughly vacuuming, and even using steam to clean under the hood.
  • Appropriate Pricing – Thanks to the Internet, you will have no trouble in determining the Blue Book value of your used car. In addition, you might spend a few minutes looking at online advertisements for the same year, make, model, and condition of the car you plan to sell to view asking prices. Although you want to get the most money possible, overpricing the car will get you nowhere fast.
  • Advertise with Quality Photos – Online advertising of cars, trucks, and limousines helps get your vehicle noticed by potential buyers. However, along with a realistic description of the car, be sure to use high-quality photos of both the interior and exterior.
  • Get Creative – Another great tip for getting the most money for your used car is by getting creative in the way you market and advertise. You want potential buyers to show immediate interest. To accomplish this, focus on any unique features of the car such as low mileage, automatic doors and windows, alarm system, and so on.
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