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How millennials need for better mobile experiences is shaping business travel

Posted on: June 13th, 2017 by admin

business travel

Society has more choices for us to make every day. Previously, when traveling for business, one would wait in line and hail a cab if a ride was needed. Now, you can use an app and hail a ride that will be waiting for you when you arrive. Even better, one could order a limo service to be waiting for you with an open door. Many traditional services have noticed a drop in sales due to their failure to create an app or platform for mobile ordering. A social media presence and the ability to conduct sales fully online are necessary parts of a successful business in the 21st century.

Those companies that do jump into the mobile aspect of business can see a jump in profits and may be creating loyal customers for the coming decades. Millennials will no longer be ignored without consequences to your bottom line; for they are the largest percentage of the workforce and are still growing to be a larger part of it. Even seniors are beginning to look to mobile platforms for car service, among other business travel necessities. This can be unsettling for those that have been in business and doing well for many years. It is a surprise to see something that has worked for so long become obsolete; but, you have to be willing to grow if you want your business to grow as well.

Other services might include flight bookings with the help of an app, payment for airport and travel purchases with your phone, receipt image capturing and recording, and being able to personalize your experience. The programs that do best will incorporate as many aspects as possible: research, booking, payment, and review – all on one platform. You want to have sales and service in the same place, as well.

Millennials have largely eschewed excess in their purchasing, but their major clients will still expect to be impressed. Having a limo waiting at the airport for you would definitely make a statement. A no-frills ride for the associate themselves can also be appealing. Other services may not be as clean, appealing, or prompt as a limo service. Generally, people are moving away from person to person interactions, so the impersonal nature of rolling up the chauffeur’s window has become especially appealing.

Our company’s chauffeurs are timely, presentable, and courteous. We take our time to hire the best to ensure that your ride with us will be safe, comfortable, luxurious and professional. You will be on time and relaxed if you book with us. Your clients will be impressed and happy while your employees will feel well taken care of. Arriving on business in style can set the tone for a successful trip.

So, if you are looking for a convenient and quality limo service in NY or a reliable and comfortable NYC airport shuttle, we are the place to go. Feel free to contact us anytime, whether through our website or by giving us a call.

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