How Multitasking Alters Productivity and 5 Reasons to Stop

It’s natural to look for quick and easy solutions when you need to get a lot of things done. Working on multiple tasks simultaneously is a great temptation nowadays, especially with all the available technology that makes it extremely easy to do so. Nevertheless, more and more studies are surfacing that prove beyond a doubt that multitasking should actually be avoided.

We have done a little research into the matter and we’re here to help you see how multitasking is affecting your work and why you should stop doing it once and for all.

  1. It makes you prone to errors

Studies show that doing more than one activity at once considerably increases the risk of making mistakes. This is due to the fact that the brain has to adjust from one task to another. During this adaptation process, your awareness drops, which makes you not pay full attention to small, potentially important details.

  1. It stresses you out

When you multitask, you are making your brain rapidly jump from one thing to another. This puts you in a highly agitated state, which translated into stress and anxiety. You might have experienced that all too familiar feeling of angst when you see everything you have to get done. It’s an overwhelming feeling that does much more harm than good.

  1. It decreases creativity

Because you become stressed out by the sheer volume and rapidity of the process you are putting our mind through, it becomes unable to access the area of the frontal lobe responsible for creative thinking. In turn, the quality of your work will decrease. Even though you might get everything done in the end, the results will be far from outstanding.

  1. It slows you down

Compared to only doing one thing and completely focusing on it for a period of time, doing rapid shifts from one thing to another tires you out much faster. Numerous studies have shown that the end results of people who multitask are actually less in numbers than those of people who aren’t. In other words, it defeats the purpose altogether.

  1. It doesn’t really exist

We call multitasking the ability to do multiple things at once. However, this ability does not exist. Our brains are actually incapable of doing that. What is actually happening is that the brain rapidly changes from one task to the other, barely perceivable to our conscious minds. By doing so, it has to adapt and readapt over and over again, which is the reason for all the previous points on this list.

Bottom line: it’s much better for you and your productivity, creativity, and many other talents that you might want to enhance, if you simply don’t do it.


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Posted on Sep 19 2017

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