Operator Says: Tips for Buying a Car

buying a carWhile buying a car might not seem like a big deal, unless you know what you are doing, you could ultimately pay too much. There is also risk of ending up with unfavorable terms or a vehicle that has issues. Whether you’re interested in a used or new vehicle, it is important to gain specific information before buying.


Car Buying Tips


  • Conduct Research—Before walking onto a dealership lot or meeting with a private party, conduct extensive research. This allows you to compare different makes and models so that ultimately, you end up with a vehicle that meets your specific needs. By doing research prior to car shopping, you have the opportunity to compare amenities, features, prices, fuel efficiency, performance, and so on. Based on the findings, you know the true value of the vehicle, so you are not overcharged.


  • Test Drive—After narrowing your choice down, go on test drives. Remember, car salespeople use hard tactics to convince you to sign on the dotted line, so you need to make it clear that you are there to test drive only. A reputable dealership will have no problem in giving you this chance without being pressured. If the dealership or a private party hesitates in allowing you to test drive a vehicle, walk away.


  • Mechanical Check—If you want to buy a used vehicle from a third party or dealership, you need to have a licensed mechanic of your choosing do a thorough inspection. As an independent professional, the mechanic will advise you of the vehicle’s condition. Once again, if the person or dealership selling the vehicle has a problem with you having it checked by a mechanic, you should walk away.


  • Negotiate Price—Typically, car dealers have between $1,000 and $2,500 worth of wiggle room on the price of an automobile. For example, if you find a vehicle priced at $29,950 and you are a serious buyer, come in with an offer around $28,000. Of course, you also want to check the Kelly Blue Book, since dealerships hike prices as a way of making money. Based on that price, you know just how aggressive you can be with negotiations.


  • Warranty—When purchasing a used vehicle, it is always in your best interest to buy an extended bumper-to-bumper warranty. Now, while the vehicle may still have some warranty time on the drive train, you want coverage for everything. On average, an extended warranty costs $3,000, but just as with the price of the vehicle, you can negotiate the warranty price.


Depending on Professional Ground Transportation


On the day you decide to test drive vehicles, you can use the services of a professional limousine company. Along with convenience, having a professional driver waiting as you test drive a car gives you an excuse for not closing the deal on that particular day.

Posted on Dec 02 2015

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