Our Commitment to Duty of Care

Our New York limo service has been in the business for a very long time, and we understand just how important it is to be able to ensure our client’s safety and satisfaction from A-Z.


Duty of Care refers to the act of taking reasonable responsibility to guarantee a person’s safety and well-being.


On October 6, 2018, news of a horrific limo crash in New York that claimed the lives of 20 people shook the nation. Many were left wondering how such a crash could have happened. Through investigations, it was revealed that the Ford involved in the crash was actually not cleared for use on the road after failing inspections numerous times, and that the chauffeur was also not properly licensed to drive the vehicle.

Due to the irresponsible actions of the limo company responsible for the tragedy, many other ground transportation services are now dealing with the backlash and side effects of public distrust and concern. Ground transportation businesses should always strive to offer passage that complies with the law at all levels in order to ensure passenger safety, and our New York limo service is no exception.

This accident is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones. To reassure both our future and regular clientele that we take this issue very seriously, and because no one should have to deal with losing loved ones through omission and negligence, we’ve dedicated this article to informing everyone on exactly what our commitment to duty of care implies:


Hiring the Most-Qualified Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are the best drivers on the road. We take great care to vet and train them before they’re even allowed to drive with us. Customer satisfaction and safety are at the top of the list, and that is definitely a guarantee since all our chauffeurs understand the importance of heeding rules and regulations, as well as having an innate understanding of traffic conditions. Any MTC Limousine chauffeur handling more than 15 passengers has a CDL license (Commercial Driver’s License). We invest a lot in training, background checks, drug testing before and during employment.


Having Only Well-Maintained Vehicles

We invest in the best vehicles available and because nobody likes breakdowns, all vehicles in our fleet are constantly screened and maintained on a daily basis by our team of dedicated mechanics. We’re unwilling to compromise when it comes to passenger safety, and you can definitely rest assured that all our vehicles comply with local regulations – all our vehicles are properly registered.


Ensuring Client Data Protection and Privacy

Nobody likes getting their personal info used illegally or in an unauthorized manner, and here at our New York limo service, it’s no exception. In fact, we fully comply with local regulations and governing laws concerning the use of personal information, and you can definitely rest assured that your trust in us is not misplaced as we take exceptional care to secure your info in each transaction and enquiry.


Our Enduring Commitment

We appreciate your trust and our commitment to you makes us the best, and we definitely love seeing the happy expressions on all our client’s faces. If you’re ever in need (or want) of an exceptional limo service, don’t hesitate to reach out to our New York limo service at any time. We look forward to providing you with safe, high-quality service. For all those of you with questions and concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Posted on Oct 23 2018

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