Planning a Company Retreat? Here's How to Do It.

There are many ways to plan a company retreat, and there are so many types of people. This can mean that you have a lot of options to choose from and it can also mean that there are so many ways that things can go south.

Before putting anything into stone, it’s always good to broadcast your intentions for the trip. This way, you’ll get the chance to receive some useful feedback which you can then use to polish your agenda. Here are some other fantastic tips to look into when planning for a successful trip:


Work is Work

Work is work and fun is fun. Although you can combine fun and work during the retreat, it’s usually best to separate them. This way, people know what to expect and will prepare themselves accordingly. You can break up into small groups to work with people from different departments. This forces a more intimate interaction that allows everyone to know more about one another. This is also a good time to present the future direction of the company as well as invite feedback on improvements and concerns.


Avoid Looking at Devices

With so much emphasis on online information and ease of connectivity, it’s sometimes hard to keep from looking at our phones or smart devices every few minutes. During the retreat, you can set a time to just disconnect from any device-related activity, especially during a work phase. This way, everyone will be able to fully focus on the task(s) at hand without getting distracted.


Cater to Introverts

Not everyone will be a fan of big gatherings and social activities. Introverts often feel drained when exposed to long hours of mingling with others. To ensure that everyone gets to enjoy themselves on the trip, remember to set aside certain activities that do not require presentations or talking out loud and also enough free time for people to relax and do as they like.


Ensure the Tech Works

This is especially important if your company retreat involves work-related activities. Before booking a venue, confirm ahead to see if the location can support your needs. These day’s it’s also pretty important to have a good enough phone signal. Even if you do encourage less phone time during the retreat, it’s also a safety measure to ensure that emergency calls can get through and that everyone is still connected somewhat to the outside world.


Book Early

You know what the early bird gets, and in this case, it can mean big discounts and the best deals. It pays to plan your company retreat at least a couple of months in advance as this gives you the opportunity to scout around for and grab great bargains.

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Posted on Oct 10 2017

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