Productivity Tips: Working while out of Office

Most of us find it difficult to differentiate work time from play time, and we find ourselves taking a moment here and there to work even while we’re out of the office. We are guilty of this when it comes to our limo service in NYC. We find ourselves working on improving our customer service, becoming better chauffeurs, and responding to clients even when we aren’t at work, and it’s because we love what we do. You probably feel the same way about what you do, which means you spend some time out of the office working on things typically reserved for the office. If you are like us and you spend some time outside of work getting work done, you want to utilize a few of our favorite tips for being more productive at work when you’re not in the office.


Minimize Distractions

Working away from the office means more distraction is present. Whether you take your laptop into Starbucks to grab a latte and a croissant while working tucked into a back corner or you utilize your transportation time in our New York car service vehicles to work, distractions are everywhere. Minimize those by turning off your social media and email notifications for a while. Turn on music that’s not distracting, and shut off all your screens not pertaining to your work.


Create A List

Some people work well with a to-do list to work with. We know others who work better when they have a want-to-do list instead. If you want to accomplish some work when you’re not at the office, write it down and take pleasure in crossing it off as you go. If that doesn’t motivate you to work, try creating a list of all the things you’d love to do when you arrive at your destination but can’t do until you’re done with your work. It’s a reward system that motivates you to be more productive when you’re working outside the office.


Be Realistic

There’s only so you much you can do when you’re working outside of your office. If it’s 7 am on a Saturday while you’re on your way to the airport for an early flight, calling clients isn’t going to happen. You must understand what you can realistically do when you’re not at work so you can do better work when you do have the opportunity.


Get Started

The hardest part of any task is getting started. Once you master that, you’re free to work more productively. It’s that initial step that’s so difficult. Just do it. Once you start, you’ll find it’s much easier to continue. When you’re done, you’ll be glad you started when you did,

Our professional service knows what it’s like to work when you’re not at work, and we pride ourselves on making sure each client has the opportunity to relax stress free in any of our limos whether they’re at work or play. Our job is to make you comfortable, and we always strive for perfection on that angle.

Posted on Feb 15 2017

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