Reasons Why Corporate Events Fail

The task of organizing a corporate event takes an enormous amount of time, costs a ton of money and introduces a plethora of potential pitfalls. Today, we’d like to cover common mistakes companies face when planning a corporate event for the first time. Hopefully, pointing out some of these potential problems can help to alleviate issues for those planning to organize one in the future.

Sound investment vs. just another task to-do

In many cases, an event is NOT right for your company. Some companies simply don’t encourage their staff to spend time thinking about why they’re organizing an event in the first place, which are the most important elements and what will make the event a success and worthwhile investment?

Don’t be the startup that has a launch party before their website is up and running, run an experiential campaign that gets no coverage or be the company that organizes a team building day for commission-based sales staff – who just want to be at their desks selling.

Spend time thinking about, and thoroughly planning the brief. In some instances, you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s just not wise to organize the event. Instead, present your findings to the decision makers with alternative solutions, such as other ways to motivate staff or more effective tactics to communicate with clients and customers.

“It’s the company cash – not mine”

Unlike with personal events, a major problem for companies planning events is that the money doesn’t belong to the person spending it. In most cases this person isn’t even responsible for the event budget. Which means, unlike the bride who knows where every penny is, challenged each option several times and negotiated all aspect of the event – there, understandably, is not the same level of care and attention.

If you’re delegating the task of organizing an event to someone else, MAKE THEM CARE by passing on some of the responsibility – making them accountable for areas of the event. For those expected to organize the event on top of their existing job, look at putting an incentive in place for delivering an event that achieves your event’s SMART objectives. Also, encourage your organizer to report any significant savings made.

A chain of decision makers

Organizing events by committee or through layers of decision makers, interfere with the event’s quality and wastes huge amounts of time. Choose somebody you trust to head-up the project, allowing them to have the final say – to avoid any ugly struggles.

Misunderstanding guests

Every decision that is made should only be finalized when you’ve considered – is this the right option for the guests? Events are about engaging with the people attending. If guests leave unhappy, you’ve failed! However, this mistake happens time and time again, where other factors impact on important choices, such as the decision makers swayed by budget, the organizer by creativity or selecting event companies, suppliers and venues purely down to ease.

Creating a corporate environment, rather than a social one

Events can’t be too impersonal or corporate-babble-y. The best corporate events communicate their values, personality and messages through the choices made rather than crafting a 4D version of the company brochure or business plan.


Events connect with guests through great content, a sound concept in a suitable environment – that’s basically the secret behind event planning. So if you want to call it an event, make it an experience that has the power to connect and engage with guests.

Not part of an integrated communications campaign

A great number of corporate events start and finish on the same day – and that’s it. Of course, these events are soon forgotten, therefore failing. Events should never be seen as a stand-alone tactic, but integrated with other parts of the business and activities.

Corporate events must be unforgettable, people will talk and we are sure that they need to talk the good stuff about it. So try to do this event as unforgettable as possible. How? Well, make it count and make your guests feel important, you know there are or they wouldn’t have been here in the first place.

MTC Limousine has always tried to make the events count, and we succeeded. Being a reliable ground transportation company doesn’t mean just a mean of transport it means professional service and professional staff.

MTC’s Meeting and Events Services

We are dedicated to delivering meeting and event solutions that ensure every operational and financial objective is met and every attendee experience is exceptional. We add value. Our global services and fleet provide maximum flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of each of our passengers, planners and executive staff no matter where in the world their travel takes them.

Call MTC Limousine as a partner for your next event and we will make it unforgettable.

Posted on Sep 20 2016

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