Reduce Jet Lag Naturally

jet lag, airplane, business, business travelDealing with jet lag is a necessary evil for business travelers. It is typically a problem when a traveler flies over at least five time zones and can make normal functioning extremely challenging. This week’s post give you a number of tips on how to defeat the debilitating effects of jet lag, so you can achieve all your business goals without a huge toll on your body.

1.              Get it right before taking off

It’s not the time itself that gets you in a funk but the change in time zone as your body struggles to adapt. It does the damage. You can steal a march on the process by starting to adjust a few days before you travel. This should have limited effect on your life but will cushion the jet lag blow. Simply go to bed a little earlier (flying east) or later (flying west) and you’ll make a much smoother transition.

2.              Set your watch before leaving

Part of the problem with jet lag is mentally adjusting to your new time zone. Changing your watch at the airport before you fly and all your other routines, such as meals, can accelerate this process.

3.              Pack Melatonin if you are flying east

Sleeping pills may take the edge off getting to sleep but they have some unpleasant side effects, like dehydration. Melatonin is released naturally before you sleep and will help to take send you in to blissful sleep without having to pay a price later, so pack some for your eastward journeys.

4.              Use light therapy when flying west

If you fly west and need to make an effort to stay up until bedtime, light could be of great assistance. You can use bright lights, or simply keeping the windows open to stave of those feelings of tiredness.

5.              Get enough sun

The sun has a huge effect on our internal body clock. Exposure to it in your new time zone will speed the process up of adapting. It will also help you wake up and sleep at the right time and – as we all know – sunlight is important for releasing hormones that make us feel happy.

6.              Set conditions to sleep

Once you finally get into your bed, ensure you stay asleep long enough to reap the benefit. You need to ensure that the temperature is right, that you have eliminated all light and sound that will disturb you and, if necessary, got out some ear plugs and an eye mask.

Suitable ground transportation is an absolute must if you’re going to have a bearable business travel experience. MTC is a ground transportation that strives to deliver both the most environmentally responsible and most satisfying, travel solutions possible. We hope that these short tips are of use and can offer one further certainty: if you need excellent sustainable transportation in the New York area we should be your first point of call. We have the goal of driving a new transportation revolutionin sustainable and environmentally aware transportation.  We’d love to be your responsible ground transportation partner. Call us on 800-682-1112 to see what we can do together.


Posted on Jun 17 2014

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