Ride and car sharing: Are you covered?

are you coveredMany limo services keep telling you about the most important things to know before choosing any ground transportation service. While they consider experience, fleet, and reputation as the key factors in choosing the best service, MTC Limousine raises the bar by adding reliability as a vital element of their service: liability insurance.

Reliable means able to be trusted, predictable and dependable. How can you rely on a service that doesn’t give you guarantees? Would you trust a ground transportation service that isn’t insured?

Whether you need a vans and coaches for a corporate, or a trip to the airport, anywhere in the world - finding a reliable limo service is not easy and with so many companies and vehicles to choose from, how do you choose the one that is truly reliable?

When you find yourself in need of ground transportation services and don’t know what and how to choose, ask about the liability insurance that the company has in place to protect its passengers before making your choice. It is in your best interest not to ride with any ground transportation company that can’t provide you with proof of insurance.

We know that all the options may seem overwhelming, but just asking the simple “insurance” question could lead you to the best choice available. A respectable ground transportation company should carry valid, current insurance protection for their fleet and passengers. A limo service that wants to exceed its customers’ expectations and takes itself seriously must carry commercial liability insurance MTC Limousine customers turn to us because in addition to the experience, the size of our fleet and the variety of our services, we carry a $10 million in commercial vehicle liability insurance to protect our passengers and their families in case of an accident.

This is a promise we make when we state that we use our experience, commitment and focus on quality, to provide the finest chauffeured ground transportation services throughout the world - a world that has become more challenging and demanding than ever before.

MTC Limousine understands that our role as a "global citizen" is more complex and demanding than ever before and to meet these challenges, we employ the most knowledgeable staff, cutting-edge technology, a large fleet of vehicles - both large and small - and, important in today's world, the protections, processes and procedures to protect our most important assets – our passengers. So next time when you are looking for a trusted and reliable limo service or a ground transportation service just ask: "Are you covered?"


Read more on this topic: https://www.mtclimousine.com/assets/2016-02-are-you-covered-3-300x200.jpg

Posted on Feb 12 2016

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