Stay Fit While Traveling for Business with the Help of the Sworkit App

limo service NY, NYC limo, westchester limoWhen you have to travel a lot for business, it can be difficult to maintain your normal patterns. In particular, you might have been finding it tough to get in your regular exercise routines because you are jetlagged or have a jam-packed schedule. You miss your usual gym in your city or the workout room your home. 

It’s tempting to work longer hours so you can get the most out of your trip, but if you do so at the expense of your fitness regimen, you could find yourself growing less fit. The healthier you are, the more effectively you can participate in business meetings because you will have the strength and tenacity that comes from following a disciplined exercise program.

Enter the Sworkit App, developed by Nexercise to help busy people maintain their workout and training schedule even when they are far from home and focused on work. It’s available for use on Android and iOS devices.

Sworkit serves as a virtual personal trainer that fits in your pocket or purse. It combines interval training with exercises presented at random to keep you on your toes. You do not need to bring weights or other equipment with you on the road because Sworkit provides a number of videos to boost your training sessions. What’s more, the app’s randomization feature ensures that you won’t get accustomed to a particular workout session.

You can first try using the free “Sworkit Lite” version to see if you like how it helps you exercise, do yoga, engage in cardiovascular exercises or work various parts of your body in a targeted approach. If you find that the app is useful but you would like more options, there is a paid version that offers more exercises as well as access to your entire workout history.

When people exercise regularly, they tend to see a number of improvements in their health, including increased stamina, a heightened immune system response and greater clarity of thought. If you have been slacking off on your exercise program whenever you travel for your company, now you can make a change and get back in gear with the help of the Sworkit app.

Posted on Feb 20 2015

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