Staying at a Hotel? Here's What You Need to Know for a Comfortable Stay.

There are many things that give us pleasure and also others that just rub us the wrong way. From sweet smelling scents to the feel of our bed sheets, there are just as many elements that can be so right or wrong in any hotel we choose to stay in.

This is why our New York limousine service always places the customers as our number one priority. We understand that your safety and comfort is of paramount importance, but we can also assure you that your requests will be heeded.

But, before you decide on which hotel to stay in, just take a look at our tips below to gain some insight into making your stay a genuine pleasure:


Rule: Check the Bed

If you’re staying in a four or five-star hotel, you’re a lot less likely to encounter bed bugs and stained sheets. However, you can still make a quick check to set your mind at ease. Lift the blanket to reveal the sheets and check below the mattress. You can also check the insides of the pillow for possible intruders. If you encounter suspicious patches or spots, you can always alert housekeeping for a change.


Bring Your Snacks

Have a favorite snack or “must have” food item? If you’re a fan of midnight snacking, you can always bring along something to drink and munch on. There will usually be a kettle in the room you can use for hot water. If you have a mini fridge in the room, you can also use it to cool down some of your drink and food items.


Change the Pillows

We all have our preferred type of pillow to sleep on. Depending on the hotel you’re staying in, you might not be a fan of their pillows. From too hard to too soft and even the occasional lumps, you can always alert housekeeping or the front desk. More likely than not, they will be able to accommodate a pillow change. Some hotels even provide extra pillows in your room that you can try using, too.


Move the Furniture to Your Liking

You’re paying for the use of the room, which means you’re also allowed to move things around that aren’t nailed or glued down. Certain furniture positions make sense, like putting the TV in front of the bed or having the hair dryer in the bathroom, but not all arrangements are to our liking. Move whatever you need to feel comfortable and at ease but be careful not to go overboard with the shifting to avoid getting yourself blacklisted by the hotel staff.


Always Keep the Power On

Coming back to a stuffy hotel room is a really unpleasant experience, especially during the summer. These days, most hotels have a spare key card which you can keep in the power slot to keep the aircon or heater running. Otherwise, though, we can also try sticking in an old credit card or loyalty card for the same results. Do take note that certain hotels have changed their cards and this method may no longer work.

Posted on Nov 07 2017

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