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Sticking to Your Healthy New Year's Resolutions While Traveling

limo service NY, NYC limo, westchester limoEvery year, people from all around the world make their New Year’s resolutions, with an eye toward correcting a deficiency or reaching a new goal. Many of us are entering 2015 with goals to improve our health by paying closer attention to food and drink choices and starting or improving an exercise regime.

However, when your job duties require you to travel frequently, it can seem difficult to keep your healthy resolutions. When traveling in an unfamiliar area, it’s only natural to seek out your favorite foods, even if they aren’t helping you attain your goals for improved health.


There’s no need to get caught off guard with tempting meal choices when you are traveling. Restaurants often include a healthy choices section in their menu, and you can save time by evaluating their offerings online at the establishment’s website.

In a pinch, you can order items and ask the server to leave out unnecessary things, such as getting an open-faced sandwich when making low-carb selections or doubling up on vegetables (remember to ask your server to hold the butter if you are trying to reduce your fat consumption)

When staying for an extended period in town, try and book a room that includes kitchen facilities so you can make your own healthy meals and snacks. At the very least, you can stock up on fruits and vegetables to graze on.


Pack some exercise DVDs to play in your hotel room, or keep some videos on your laptop, tablet or even smartphone. If you don’t have any DVDs handy, you can always check out exercise videos online, such as on a physical trainer’s YouTube channel.


One of the best ways to motivate yourself to stick with New Year’s resolutions is to tell others about your plans. Let your friends know about your new gym schedule or nutrition goals to reinforce your commitment to improving your health.

Keeping an online journal in the form of a weight-loss blog can help motivate you to continue, since you know that people will be observing your progress.

Keeping resolutions can be difficult, but the rewards should make you feel that the effort was worth it. We hope you have a healthy and happy New Year and that 2015 will bring you prosperity.


Posted on Jan 23 2015

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