Table8 App Helps Business Travelers Get Better Restaurant Reservations

limo service NYC, westchester limo, fairfield limoIn contrast to vacationers and tourists who often know when their vacations are months in advance and can take their time to make reservations, business travelers often make their plans closer to the last minute. In fact, about three-fourths of all business trips are booked within 10 days of departure, noted a recent article at Forbes.

While companies already know that they have to budget to spend extra on last-minute trips, they cannot just throw money at dining establishments to try and secure a last-minute restaurant booking. Nonetheless, corporate travel managers and other travel buyers will want to help employees make arrangements to dine at fine restaurants despite the short planning times they typically have to work with.

This is where the Table8 app comes in handy. The free app is available for Android and iOS devices and gives you VIP access to restaurants that are already booked solid. Table8 has forged a partnership with Concur. This means that when a company uses Concur to set up hotel and airplane reservations, they can also book tables via Table8 using a smartphone.

Table8 is designed to help business travelers with big expense accounts still get tables at outstanding restaurants even when they have very little notice. Because this category of travelers tends to spend more on entrées and beverages, the participating restaurants are happy to hold tables for them that will only be available to Table8 users. 

You’ll have to pay an extra booking fee, but at least you will be able to dine there even when no more tables are available to the general public. You can find places to eat by browsing by restaurant name or the date of your meal. The reservation fees charged through the app will be automatically sent as e-receipts to your Concur Expense account.

Table8 currently has arrangements with fine restaurants in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., with more cities in the works. 

 Gaining access to top-notch restaurants isn’t just about making business travelers happier while they’re on the road. You can make a business case that using Table8 is needed to help you provide a suitable venue to hold business meetings. Be sure to call MTC Limousine to transport your meeting guests.

Posted on Apr 30 2015

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