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The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

The 8th edition of the Women’s World Cup (WWC) is set to take place in France from 7 June, 2019 to 7 July, 2019. 24 competing teams will be facing off for this year’s coveted title, and matches are spaced out over nine cities across France. Of course, the excitement is already building up in the U.S. as they are the defending champions from the last round in Canada, and this year promises to be a spectacular watch as well.

If you’re as pumped up as we are about this massive event, you’re probably already planning your leave and travel itinerary. Book your dates earlier in the year to enjoy the best flights and accommodations in this wonderful European country. For transport to and from the airport, you can definitely rely on our New York airport shuttle service. We won’t be available across the waters, but we’ll definitely be able to provide you with top-class service and one of the most enjoyable rides you’ll ever experience before you fly off and when you return home.

Now, if you’re still wondering whether you should be going to France for the Women’s World Cup, you’ll want to consider the reasons we’ve provided below:

Just Enjoy France

France isn’t all about snails (and the 2019 Women’s World Cup). In fact, it’s way more than that. You’re probably aware about Paris’ reputation as the city of love, but how much do you really know about the nine cities hosting the WWC? Take sufficient time off to relax and soak in the unhurried French atmosphere and look forward to exploring one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Cheer on Your Home Country

You’ve got to be proud of how much the U.S. team has accomplished over the years. As the world No.1 in FIFA's rankings (no small feat), things are looking bright and shiny for the U.S. team this year as well. This year, a victory in France would be the highlight of the year for the women’s team and also cement the U.S. as the most successful in the competition's history. Doesn’t knowing this just make your heart palpitate with excitement?

Experience the World Cup in Real Life

Nothing beats watching a real-live game, and you can easily choose which of the nine cities you’ll want to visit to watch the matches. Of course, if nothing else, you’ll probably want to be there in Lyon for the epic finale, because it’s bound to be truly amazing. Sure, it’s going to take a plane ticket over, but for all that you’ll get to experience once you touch down, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

Take the Opportunity to Relax

It isn’t the end of the year, but anyone can take a break midway through the year, right? You might be there to watch the WWC, but there’s also plenty of relaxing activities and peaceful locations to explore. If you aren’t entirely a fan of cities, you can also choose to spend the majority of your time on the outskirts. Whatever your preference, you’re bound to find something to fall in love with in France.

Enjoy the Weather

Looking to escape somewhere warm? Although there are plenty of choices, no other country will be hosting the WWC this year other than France. It’s going to be summer when you touch down in June, and the weather is expected to be simply fantastic. Of course, this can be especially appealing if you haven’t been somewhere warmer in a long while.

Posted on Jan 22 2019

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