The Art of the Business Dinner

A business dinner is a chance to get to know clients better. This is a great opportunity to welcome people locally as well as those who are traveling from another location. If you're going to throw a business dinner, you'll want it to come together perfectly. A well put together dinner party indicates company officials are capable, thoughtful and know how to manage important events. Now is the time to get it all in place before they arrive, so it flows smoothly from start to finish. 

Advanced Planning 

Advanced planning is crucial. All business dinners must have the details in place before people arrive. This means having a good idea of who's coming, where they are arriving from and if they've been to the area before. It also means allowing for issues that might arise unexpectedly. For example, there might be a blizzard in the area before the guests arrive. The party planner should keep this is mind before they begin and make sure that there are alternative arrangements in place. This is an opportunity to show grace under pressure and demonstrate company officials can respond well to any outcome. 

The Guest List 

Getting the guest list all sown up in advance is ideal. Give all parties at least a week to respond to an invitation. A small dinner party can work just as well as something larger. This is the time to make sure there's space for anyone who is going to show up. The invitation should indicate who is invited such as a spouse. Contact each person invited directly and find out if they're coming. Make sure they have the details right such as the date and time of the party as well as how to get there 

The Location 

Picking a good location is a crucial decision when giving a dinner party. Now is the time to think about special places in your city. For example, if you're in New York City, you'll want to bring your guests to a highly rated restaurant. Or, take them to a little known, out of the way place with great food. If you're holding it at your company dining room, you'll need to make sure it's prepared before your guests arrive. 

The Menu 

A dinner menu also deserves serious consideration. Ask guests if they have food preferences or allergies before they arrive. Offer each guest at least several possibilities for each course. Think about an informal cocktail party that encourages people to interact in a low-key way. A buffet is another possibility that makes it easy to provide many options for every single guest. 

Any business dinner party benefits from really great transport options. Our professional limousine service New York City will make it easy for your dinner party guests to arrive in style and relaxed comfort. We offer New York ground transportation that brings your guests to your planned location anywhere in the tri-state area in time for the first appetizer.

Posted on Mar 05 2019

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