The Best Honeymoon Destinations to Relax and Explore

Congratulations! You’re now Mr. And Mrs. and it’s really about time you decided on where to go for your relaxing honeymoon. We all know that planning a wedding can be pretty stressful, and it’s always good to unwind and spend more time together before getting back to your new life routine as a married couple.

During the initial stage of your plans, you’ll both want to consider what’s on your bucket list. After all, everybody has their preferences, and a location that can cover both of your interests should be noted. If you’re still looking around for the perfect honeymoon destination, just take a look at what we have in store for you:


Global Spots



Although often overshadowed by the pristine beaches of Bora Bora, this French Polynesian island is fast rising as a popular honeymoon destination. Offering a wide variety of French and Polynesian foods, this idyllic island is just what you need for a relaxing holiday. Here, you’ll get to explore the island’s capital, Papeete, and also spend time admiring the natural uncorrupted beauty of this beautiful vacation spot.



The City of Lights is known far and wide as one of the most romantic holiday destinations of all time, and for good reason. There’s just something about the atmosphere here that lends a seductive air to everything. Even taking a walk in any one of their districts (or arrondissements) is enough to give you an Old World tranquillity that can’t really be found elsewhere.



This Indonesian island is known for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs, as well as its majestic volcano mountains. Here, you can expect all-year-round tropical weather as well as a great selection of local and international cuisine to feed the adventurers within us. You can also choose to relax and unwind in any of their numerous luxury resorts, rent a whole villa to yourself or just spend your time traveling on foot from one splendour to another.


Local Spots


Napa Valley

Located just north of San Francisco, this ultimate relaxing holiday destination is only getting better over the years. With gorgeous tiered-hillsides and top-notch resorts thronging the area, this must-visit area is especially attractive to wine lovers all around. If you’re up for luxurious dining and vineyard tours, this is definitely something you’ll have to experience for yourself.



The Garden Island is deemed the oldest in the Hawaiian chain, but that doesn’t mean there’s less to see and experience here. In fact, this beautiful island destination is well-cared for and provides tourists with the ultimate romantic getaway as well as the option of catering to the outdoor enthusiast within you. Here, you can explore fantastic hiking trails, snorkel, swim, kayak and do so much more, and it’s all in one location.


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Posted on Apr 10 2018

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