The Best Travel Destinations for 2019

As the year gradually fades away, many people are planning their escapes to top holiday destinations 2019.

Scenic beauty, cuisine, food, safety, and costs are some of the factors that characterize the top travel best destinations. Hopefully, the following best travel destinations for 2019 will motivate you to plan for your next holiday gateway!

The Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese, Greece is Mediterranean’s go-slow corner. Over time, more and more people prefer the mainland to the starriest Islands in Greece such as Mykonos and Santorini. Mile upon mile of dazzling sand dunes ripple the southern part of the mainland.

The Peloponnese’s industrial aesthetics are second to none.

Are you into wine and grapes? No region in Greece beats this mainland’s grape varieties and wineries. Plenty of active retreats for paragliding, rafting, and rock climbing are also available. Unlike in the past, you can now easily access the Peloponnese after Kalamata’s local airport opened up to an array of international flights. The opening up of the airport reduced the driving time from Athens by several hours thus boosting arrival numbers by around 15%.


Beaches, beaches and more beaches! Zanzibar boasts the shimmery water, palm-tree-lined and sparkling sand variety. East Africa’s archipelago unquestionably has the most stunning shores in the world hence making it a holiday destination worth its salt.

More to that, Zanzibar’s natives are friendly. The local delicacies are sumptuous to say the least. The culture is beyond vibrant. Oh boy, aren’t the street markets lively!

Whenever you’re in this island, accommodation should be the last thing to worry about. Luxurious resorts and boutique beach hotels dot the entire region. They offer decadent sleeping quarters as you wake up to out of this world panoramas of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Turkish Riviera

The ancient ruins, charming Mediterranean architecture, and varying vista of sea, pine forests, and mountains constitute the Turkish Riviera. It’s popularly known as the Turquoise Coast. Without a doubt, the Turkish Riviera is beautiful.

While the historic sites and natural surrounds may be the scene-stealing attributes of the region, the local cuisine’s show-stopping element will definitely melt your heart.

The resorts here are perfect even for those with families. They feature several beaches, a variety of child-friendly activities, neat swimming pools, and world-class dining options.

Matera, Italy

UNESCO declared Matera, Italy a World Heritage Site, in 1993. If an immersive experience is what describes your dream destination, then you certainly need to visit Matera, Italy. This romantic ravine is countless miles from anywhere.

In addition to romance, what else brings numerous visitors into the strange and prehistoric-looking city? Matera’s sassi, the troglodyte cave abodes will wow you. For many years, the caves were unsanitary and uninhabitable. Things have changed for the best in the recent past. Most if not all of them have now been transformed into stylish, vintage-looking, and unique hotels.

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Posted on Dec 21 2018

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