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The Well-Dressed Traveler: How to Look Fantastic from Home to Hotel

Posted on: November 20th, 2014 by MTC Limousine

westchester limo, limo service westchesterTravel can be stressful — but it shouldn’t look like it. One of the biggest issues with business travel is that you’ll often look completely disheveled once you get to your destination… and if you’re heading directly to a meeting, that’s a problem. Here are a few tips to look great every time.

Pack a Jacket in a Dry Cleaner’s Bag

Get your jacket directly from the dry cleaner and then fold it into your carry-on bag. Don’t put it on — it will get wrinkled and you’ll need to take it off every time you go through security. The dry cleaning bag will prevent the jacket from wrinkling. Since it’s in your carry-on, you can easily throw it on once you get off at your destination. (This works for all types of travel, not just flying!)

Keep a Few Dryer Sheets on You

Dryer sheets are fantastic for freshening up an outfit while you’re on the road or on a flight. A few gentle passes over your clothing will make your clothes smell as though they were just washed. The scent of dryer sheets are simply associated with fresh, clean clothes. There are also some products sold specifically for refreshing clothes while on the go, but they tend to be a little more expensive — and besides, who doesn’t have dryer sheets at home?

Prepare a Last Minute Grooming Kit

Make sure that you have the following on you: comb or hair brush, hair ties (if your hair is long), mints or breath strips and an emergency sewing kit. It’s a good idea to keep your hair up on a plane and when traveling to avoid the “frazzled” look. A sewing kit is extremely important — you never know when you’re going to get a rip or tear in your outfit. Additionally, women may want to keep a small bottle of clear nail polish or crazy glue on them if they are wearing hosiery — just in case they get a snag!

Don’t Forget the Shoe Shine

Before you leave the airport, take a stroll around the concourse. There are almost always shoe shine vendors or shoe shine machines somewhere in the building — and most of them are very affordable. A shoe shine will give the last finishing touch to your look. If you don’t want to pay for a shoe shine, a quick pass with a small cloth will do the trick.

Appearances aren’t everything… but they are quite a lot. First impressions are hard to shake, so before you rush into that meeting, take a deep breath, straighten out your clothing and prepare yourself to impress.

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