Tips and tricks for a remarkable meeting or event

Nowadays, planning an event requires a particular know-how. Gone are the times when we sent the invitation via post office.

With the overflow of today's gadgets and tools available, knowing which ones are the best and which to ditch is the key to making your event or meeting organized and remarkable.

Set the Tone

To know what kind of venue you need to make a list of the people to invite and decide where to hold it. Think about the tone of the event or meeting before you take a decision on the venue.  Some possibilities include conference rooms or a restaurant.  Think outside the box, untraditional meeting spaces, and social function sites will be remembered for years to come.

Organizers seeking a departure from traditional meeting facilities have a broad variety of creative venues to choose from.

Use the latest technology to keep track

We started by saying that you need a special know-how for a remarkable event nowadays. Well, online invitations are a thing now so you must measure up to this standard. You can use apps like Evite, AnyVite, Sendomatic or the used of them all Facebook Event. It will help create custom invites and to keep track of it.

Rehearse the Flow

For a remarkable event, you need to have a good flow. It's crucial to rehearse a few times, you might not get the timing of your speech incorrectly, and you will need to readjust, you can discover flaws and correct them before the actual event, and that is the purpose of the rehearsing. Don’t hesitate, even if you feel embarrassed, mark the time stamps in your agenda, make sure everything goes smoothly.

Prep the Gear

Arrive early and have everything set up on the day of the meeting. If it’s a large room, consider the arrangement of chairs and tables.  If your event or meeting is a relatively small one, with breakout group, you should find clusters of small groups around the tables. Make sure your gear is all set up and working: your laptop, your projector, your microphone, your ear plug, all of it.  Check the focus of the lights and if you will have a corded microphone make sure you will arrange it so you will not step on it and fall. It happens.

Connecting the Dots with Reliable Transportation

Be a responsible host and help your attendees arrive safely and on time. Hire a reliable chauffeured service to help manage this important details professionally.

MTC Limousine professionals can take care of your attendees even if your event has 10 or 100. There is nothing more relieving than knowing that your attendees will be on time, safe and you can focus on other details like the presentation or your giveaways.

Hopefully, if you follow these suggestions, your meeting will not only go off without a hitch but will be one that your attendees will be talking about (in a good way) for a long time.

Let us take care of your event. We'd love to. Call MTC Transportation at (914) 241-9211 or complete our Online Event Planner and we will call you.

Posted on Dec 06 2016

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