Travel Apps - The Good, the Bad and the Forgettable

Are you planning a trip this year? Each year is the best time to travel because, as technology improves, there are new travel apps that provide more information. But there are a lot of apps that have proven to be duds. Which ones should you use, and which ones should you avoid? Here are some of the best and worst travel apps. 

The Best

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the must-have travel apps to own. Since its latest update in October 2018, it's proven to be a strong competitor in the travel app industry. This feature allows you to take photos that you can highlight, add text, and translate into English. The previous update allowed you to translate English to other languages, but not other languages into English. 
You'll find this app useful when you're reading menus, store signs, and street signs. It's available for both Android and iOS. The offline translation version includes an audio feature for conversations and written translations. 


Drops make it easy to learn any foreign language. This colorful game comes with interactive design and easy-to-follow instructions. It has over 30 dialects and languages, including Arabic, Icelandic, and Mandarin. You'll receive a daily lesson that will help you make the most out of your international trip.
While the free version has daily limits, the premium subscription provides unlimited access. It provides a wide variety of topics and languages. Use Drops a month before your trip and you'll be able to chat it up with the locals. 

App in the Air 

App in the Air has become the one-stop shop for travel. It gives you access to boarding passes, departure times, and loyalty programs. This app will show you flight and travel information in real-time. You'll find out how long the wait is at baggage claim, check-in and security. Even better, this app connects to Siri, which means you can use augmented reality to see if your luggage will fit in the plane's overhead bins.

Elk Currency Converter

This is one app that you'll use frequently during your trip. It's important to have a currency converter app that's easy to use and read. Elk Currency Converter is one of the most attractive converters in the industry. It prevents sticker shock if you happen to be traveling abroad. 
Why do you need this conversion app when you rely on Google? Elk provides a clean and clutter-free design that allows for easy conversions. When you enter one conversion, you'll receive that value in large numbers. This helps you determine if you can get another coffee, or how much one croissant costs. 

The Worst


Sharing what you're doing with your friends and family has become increasingly popular on social media. Some mobile apps have come up with entertaining and interactive ways to share. iWasHere tried to do what FourSquare already does. However, it lacks an intuitive design and appears to be difficult to use. It was designed with stalkers in mind. This is an app that's not useful for travelers. Download FourSquare and check in like everyone else. 

Euro Railways

If you're traveling to Europe, you're probably looking for an app that can help you with bookings and schedules. You'll waste a few seconds of your time downloading this useless app. Rather than an interactive app that's contained in a portal, it consists of PDF files that are stored through iBooks. 
The makers of Euro Railways didn't bother to create an app that provided real-time information within the app but linked outdated PDF files on traveling on a night train and the sizes of trains. Bypass this app and download the RailEurope app instead.


If you're someone who uses public transportation and is a big part of your travel experience, then you're probably looking for something that will improve the way you get around. MetrO looks promising, but it can't detect where you are located and where you're headed. This is not useful for those who are new to a city. Instead of allowing you to set locations and scroll system diagrams, it removes the joy of exploring and provides you with little information. Instead, use the All Subway app. 

US Airways 

While US Airways is a respectable airline, you don't want to use their online services. They don't even have an app for those who want to access their flight information through their mobile device. Since more people are using their smartphones and tablets to get more information, this is a missed opportunity. 
Even a bad app would be better than no app. Instead, you'll want to download the SkyTeam app. It allows you to travel the world through 19 major airlines. This app gives you access to flight schedules, flight status, travel plans, weather, and more. 
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Posted on May 02 2019

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