Travel Tips: Best Apps for Keeping Your Brain Sharp On and Off the Road

limo service westchesterA sharp mind is one of the most cherished attributes a person can have. Especially when running a business, a sharp mind ensures clarity for making important decisions. To keep your mind sharp, a number of different applications can be downloaded to your mobile device. Here are our travel tips on the best apps to keep your mind sharp while traveling.

Top-Rated Applications

The five applications suggested are proven to make a difference. By using the apps as instructed, you will begin to notice improved focus and concentration, faster processing speed, enhanced memory, better speaking skills, and more. Whether used while in the comfort and privacy of the home or when traveling on business, these applications will keep your brain sharp.

  1. New York Times Crossword – This extraordinary application will fully challenge your brain. For $40 a year, you will receive new puzzles daily. The application starts on Monday with relatively easy puzzles but by Saturday, your brain will be pushed to the limit as the level of difficulty progresses. 

  1. Fit Brains – Designed for iPhone and iPad users, the app includes multiple games that train very specific functions of the brain including language, logic, and memory. Based on the way the games work, you have the ability to compare your results with others so you can see areas that need additional work compared to those in which you excel. 

  1. Lumosity – In addition to playing games on the iPhone and iPad, you can also gain access on the company website. The games are easy to understand yet challenging. To track progress, a special performance index is used. Unfortunately, there are limitations with the free version but for $60 a year, everything Lumosity offers can be enjoyed. 

  1. Peak – Although this app is only available on iPhones, it is still a great choice. In exchange for paying a $35 annual subscription, you can play sliding block puzzles, word-find puzzles, word and math puzzles, and more. With consistent play, you will begin to see a difference in your brains function.

  1. Elevate – This brain-sharpening application is designed for the iPhone and iPad. You can play free while unlocking games as each one is conquered or if preferred, pay $5 to gain access to all 25 games. Although this particular application seems simplistic compared to others, it gets positive results.

Backseat Play

To keep the brain sharp, you can take a limo to work so you can sit in the back seat playing different mobile applications. This will start your day right, allowing you to arrive at work calm yet focused.

Posted on Sep 10 2015

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