Travel Tips – Organizing Travel Arrangements for your Next Event

Whether you’re planning a business seminar, a convention or the launch of a new service one of the more important things you need to consider is your guests’ travel arrangements.

Certainly, you can leave your guests to their own devices, and let them find their own way to your event. But as a good host you will want to concern yourself with all of your guests’ needs – and that includes transport. Travel to any event can be sometimes be problematic for the guests. After all, even if your guests are local they may not know where the event hall is located, and nothing takes the shine off of an exciting afternoon like spending an hour driving around trying to find the venue. Moreover, many of your guests may be from out of town, and will be unfamiliar with the city. More than anyone, they will need help organizing their transportation.

So, what can you do to help with your guests’ travel arrangements? A chartered bus service may be the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Hiring a 55 PASSENGER MOTOR COACH

Booking a ground transportation service to shuttle your guests to and from your event offers a number of distinct benefits. First, and foremost, it eliminates the need for your guests to study the local maps in order to plan their trips. This is particularly helpful for out of town guests who will be staying at local hotels, and will be unfamiliar with area.

Second, providing a group transportation solution will cut down on your guests’ stress levels. Making it easier for them to get to and from the airport, hotel, and event venue, safely and on time. Third, a motor coach helps to eliminate parking congestion at the venue itself.

Finally, by choosing this solution, you help to ensure your guests’ safety. This is particularly important if you are holding an event with an open bar. You don’t want your guests having a few celebratory drinks and then heading off down the highway.

So, as you can see, booking a group transportation solution for your event makes good sense. But what should you look for in provider?


Before you hire a provider for your event, there are a thing you need to look for. The following tips will make it easier to find a reputable, and dependable, transport service for your next event.

Safety – The safety of your guests is priority number one. Before hiring a service, check out their safety ratings. You will also want to make a point to check that all of their insurance is up to date, and provides comprehensive coverage for you and your guests.

References – If you have planned any type of event in the past, you know how important it is to get references from all of your vendors. Transport companies are the same, and the charter service you are considering should be able to provide you with a list of references and customer testimonials illustrating the level of their service.

Chauffeurs – This tip ties in with safety. You want to check the transport company’s safety record, but you also need to check the safety records and work experience of their drivers. Ask if the Transport firm does regular background checks and drug tests on their drivers, and be sure that all drivers have a valid driving license.

Back Up Plans – If you’ve ever planned a big event, you know that things can, and do, go wrong. Make sure that the group transportation provider you choose has adequate contingency plans in place, in case a bus breaks down or there is some type of scheduling conflict.

Cost – Cost is always a consideration, but it should be weighed against the reputation and dependability of the transport company. Cheaper is not always better. Put your guests needs first, and then consider the cost. Remember, if you are hiring more than one motor coach you may be able to convince the firm to give you a discount.

There is much to consider when planning any event, and transportation often gets overlooked. But the safety and comfort of your guests is paramount when planning any type of event. Whether it’s a business seminar, a convention or the launch of a new service, make your guests’ travel arrangements a part of your planning process.

Whether you are planning transportation for a trade show, mapping routes for a large a convention or looking to ease congestion and emissions with an employee commuter program, MTC Limousine not only does it, we do it right.

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Posted on Aug 02 2016

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