Traveling with Your Pet: a Short Guide

Before the Trip

If you’re going to place your pet in a carrier or crate during the trip, make sure that they have time to get used to it before you leave. A couple of weeks is usually recommended so they can get ready at their own pace. Using positive rewarding methods (cuddles and treats) will also help you make sure that your pet will perceive staying in the carrier or crate as a good thing.

You might need to move some stuff around (e.g. packing or storing), but you should not let that disrupt your pet’s normal routine. Remember to feed them on time and make them feel secure and that there’s really nothing they should be worried about.

If you’re concerned about your pet experiencing motion sickness, do reduce their food and water intake before leaving. Whether you choose to go by car or by plane, it’s recommended that you do not feed them or give them water at least 2 hours before. Don’t worry, your pet will be completely fine without drinking or eating for a couple of hours before the trip.


During the Trip

To make your pet stays calm the whole trip, you should definitely provide them with a piece of clothing with your scent. This is particularly calming for them and is a very effective method to reduce their stress. You should also bring along their favorite toy or treat as a form of distraction from the shock of being in a new environment.

Some planes have air-conditioned flooring which can cause your pets to feel uncomfortable. When you’re traveling in-cabin with your pets, do remember to bring some extra blankets to keep them warm. You should also line the bottom of the carrier with some pads to absorb any moisture for a more comfortable journey.

If you’re going to take a long road trip, do stop at least every two hours to ensure that both you and your pet has the chance for a toilet break and some food and water. You’ll both get to stretch your legs and alleviate the boredom and physical stresses of a long journey.


After the Trip

Again is important to make sure that your pet is surrounded by familiar items (an item with your scent, toys, and treats). It’s one thing to be in a moving vehicle for a period of time, but it’s also stressful for your pet to have to adjust to a new location. Make sure to provide them with as much attention as they need to keep them calm and happy and do your best to follow your routine to assure them that nothing has changed.

You can also depend on our experienced chauffeurs at New York car services to provide both you and your pet with the most comfortable car ride. Spend as much time as you need to bond with your pet with the absolute assurance that you’re traveling with the safest ground transportation service.

Posted on Sep 26 2017

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