Unique Ideas for Branding at Your Next Event

Branding is an important element in any marketing strategy since it establishes your businesses’ identity, and attracts new customers and keeps existing customers. No matter the type of business you own, event marketing is a great way to build your brand identity, promote your products and services, and interact with new and existing clients. It gives your company or organization a chance to massively amplify awareness. Successfully branding your company at an event is much more than just placing your logo on decorations. It’s about knowing how to create a unique experience for attendees that will leave a lasting impact. Here are a few simple yet creative and effective event branding ideas to use at your next venue.


When taking into account the location of the venue, remember that you want to select a venue that targets your demographic. Consider what the venue offers your target audience as well. For example, will most of your attendees be driving in? If so, make sure there is convenient parking…or

Hire the best group transportation provider

Hire someone who is just as dedicated as you are in delivering solutions that ensure every operational and financial objective is met and every attendee experience is exceptional.

Hire that someone that adds value to your event., a team that knows what branding is all about. Someone who is client driven.


Creative invitations are a great way to introduce people to your brand before the event. These make people feel welcomed, and can certainly get them excited about the event. Add your logo and a design to the invitation so that they remember your company and have an idea of what they can expect.

Handouts and flyers

Handouts, flyers, banners and posters are all a great way to advertise your brand and inform attendees of it. Depending on the event you plan and if it’s private or public, you may want to use one or the other, or all of them. In any instance, make sure the signage you use informs customers of your brand and is appealing. This is also an inexpensive and easy way to get the word out.

Social media marketing

Don’t just inform customers in advance of the event. You should also let them see it or read about it live – while it’s happening. Send a tweet or share a picture during the event as this is a great way to engage people.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are a vital factor during your event. Regardless if you decide to serve appetizers or a full meal, it instantly draws people’s attention, and you can use the food and drinks in a unique way to showcase your brand. For example, if you decide to bake cupcakes, you can put in a little toothpick with a piece of paper with your logo.


Take-home gifts

Who doesn’t appreciate a free gift to take home? Give your guests something that they will remember at the event and make the gifts relevant to your brand and business. Gift bags, customized pens and notepads are a few of the many ideas.

We are Client-Driven. We are dedicated to delivering meeting and event solutions that ensure every operational and financial objective is met and every attendee experience is exceptional. We add value. Our global services and fleet provide maximum flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of each of our passengers, planners and executive staff no matter where in the world their travel takes them.

MTC Limousine's group and meeting professionals recognize that the transportation provided to meeting & event attendees often sets the tone for an entire program and defines the value of an event. We know the importance of engaging passengers with impeccable service and efficiency. We provide solutions that bridge the gap between the logistical details of your program and the importance of achieving your meeting objectives.

We focus on your needs, develop the transportation solutions that meet your objectives and deliver the best value for every dollar you spend. Whether we are providing solutions for a small group on the West Coast, a group of 200 in Dallas, or simultaneous international events in Dubai, Geneva and New York, MTC has the expertise and experience to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Site and attendance analysis to maximize vehicle utilization and budget
  • Local vendor selection and contract negotiation to ensure best value possible
  • Integrated worldwide transportation services for smoothly operated programs
  • Arrival and departure services to ensure that first impressions are always exceptional
  • Program planning, management and on-site coordination of all services

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Posted on Aug 16 2016

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