Update on the 2015 Travel Goods Showcase in Las Vegas

limo service NY, westchester limo, fairfield limo, limousine service westchesterSafety and security appear to have been top of mind among many of the companies exhibiting their new items at the recent Travel Goods Showcase 2015 in Las Vegas. If you have ever been concerned about thieves stealing your items or computer criminals grabbing your confidential data, there are some new travel items that will help protect your valuables, noted a recent article in the Washington Times.

For example, PacSafe offers a range of bags that have puncture-proof surfaces and zippers. Criminals can’t cut the straps with a knife, and you can lock the bags around poles, chairs, trees or other secure structure.

Manufacturers are also doing their best to safeguard our data. You can expect to see more bags and other containers fitted with wireless RFID blocking material to foil snoopers who want to see what data your RFID-tagged items might reveal. RFID technology has been integrated into passports and credit cards, making them high-profile targets for identify thieves.

You have to protect your belongings with solid, dependable locks. These days, the Transportation Security Administration will want you to present them with a lock that includes a TSA key so they can unlock your luggage for inspection. At the Travel Goods Showcase, vendors showed off security products with biometric locks, locational tracking through the GPS system and even built-in scales so you can make sure you are meeting carrier weight requirements. 

Andiamo showed off its IQ smart bag that includes a device so you can lock and unlock it from remote. It also puts out its own Wi-Fi hotspot and will accommodate a global SIM card so you can use your smartphone while abroad. Look for smart baggage that includes

Bluetooth and GSM as well as the ability to charge items, such as your phone, tablet or laptop when no power outlets are in the vicinity.

Using security-enhancing devices like those displayed at the Travel Goods Showcase should give you some much-needed peace of mind. Worrying about criminals stealing your items or proprietary data takes a lot of mental energy that you would be better off putting to use in service of your company and its latest business pursuits.

Posted on Mar 25 2015

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