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Use the Right Networking Methods with Our Handy Tips

In the world of networking, how you present yourself and how others perceive your worth and genuineness is critical to a successful friendship or partnership. Instead of focusing on “transactional networking” that mainly has the goal of advancement in its agenda, you should work on developing true and meaningful relationships from the outset.

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Before you begin or continue your networking journey, you should take a gander at our useful tips below:


Start Early

 One common mistake people make is to start networking at the last minute. If you’re looking to score some favours or get someone to endorse or introduce you, you’re going to have a much better chance of getting positive results over time and not immediately. It’s understandable that any event that promotes networking is bound to be full of potential people, but unless they know and like you well enough, you’re probably just going to strike them as desperate. Instead, you should start off by mingling around with everyone and just being helpful if necessary.


Find Out What You Have in Common

 It’s no surprise that people with more similarities tend to stick to one another. After all, it’s best to engage in conversations where passions are shared and there’s less chance for dissent. This doesn’t mean you should learn to play golf just because a potential target enjoys golfing. However, you can and should find out more about what other interests you might share (even if it’s opinions). With LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other online services available for public viewing these days, it’s definitely a lot easier to find out enough information to use as a conversation starter.


Don’t Just Go for Face Value

Titles are a big giveaway, but it’s definitely not the only element that matters. Take your time to discover the value of each person you encounter. One way to do this is to ask more questions and to listen carefully to what they say. They might not hold a high position, but they might be effective in connecting you to someone else or granting you access to another event or gathering. The ability to connect people together is definitely a treasured skill and one that you should try to cultivate on your own end if possible.


Connect the People Around You

 After talking to numerous people, you’ll get a much better idea of whom can benefit from knowing a person in your contact list and so on. It doesn’t matter if you have to be the middle person doing the introductions. Even if there’s no immediate benefit to your actions, you can be assured that your presence will not go unnoticed. When people receive genuine value from a connection, they are more likely to reciprocate in the same way.


Remember to Follow up and Follow Through

 This is one step that we often forget or overlook. Imagine ordering a coffee and waiting half an hour because the barista keeps serving someone else and forgetting to complete your order. It leaves you frustrated and you’re not likely to order coffee from that barista or even frequent that coffee shop the next time. The same thing applies to genuine networking. Everyone’s busy and you’re not the only one who would like to receive a favour. Do your best to make time and help others out, and be honest with people when you’re not able to accomplish this.

Posted on Dec 19 2017

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