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What You Can Do to Avoid Being Bit By Bed Bugs in Hotels

Posted on: February 12th, 2015 by admin

limo service westchester, fairfield limo, NYC limoWhen you have to travel a lot for business or pleasure, one of the things you may miss most about home is the comfort and familiarity of your own bed. We rely on the kindness and diligence of members of the hotel staff  to make sure that we have a comfortable experience.

Unfortunately, there have been increasing numbers of reports in the media about how bed bugs are plaguing hotel rooms around the world. It seems that no cities are immune to these infestations, although of course you can expect that many facilities are doing an excellent job at keeping these bugs out of their rooms and away from their guests.

You would be right to be concerned about the possibility of getting bed bugs when you are traveling. To set your mind at ease, here are some tips to help you avoid bed bugs, according to a recent article at Travel Scamming.
Look Up Your Hotel Online

Your first task is to visit the Bed Bug Registry. This website will let you look up information about hotels in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It includes reports from users about any bed bug problems they’ve experienced so you can avoid visiting the same establishments.
Keep Your Bags off of the Floor and Bed

Instead of throwing your luggage on the floor or resting it on the bed when you first enter the hotel room, you should put your items away by storing them atop a table or the top of the dresser, or on the luggage rack. Bed bugs thrive in beds and on the floor, so don’t let them get access to your baggage.
Carry a Bug Detector and Use it Consistently

A friend of many savvy travelers is the UV light bed bug detector. Simply scan the room and you will see any bed bug waste droppings or eggs. Of course, if you detect any bed bugs with such a device, you will need to contact the hotel manager immediately to remedy the situation.

No matter what country your travel plans may happen to bring you to, it’s important that you stay vigilant against bed bugs, to avoid getting bitten and even bringing some of them back and contaminating your home.


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