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What's up with the Weather?

limo service NYC, westchester limoIf you have started traveling a lot more than usual for your company, this is good news because you have likely been given a recent promotion or otherwise taken on some more responsibilities. However, you now have more things to keep track of, with special consideration needed to be given to weather conditions around the world.

Previously, you may have only needed to keep tabs on whether it might rain where you live or in the city where you work. Now, however, as a frequent traveler, you’ll need to pay a bit more attention to weather conditions in multiple locations. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you get the information you need more easily.

For one, if you use a weather app on your smartphone (many mobile devices come with a free basic weather app already installed for your convenience), you can typically add additional cities, either by typing in their names or ZIP codes. This will help you see in one quick glance what’s going on weather-wise in your upcoming destinations.

Not only will this knowledge help you pack more appropriately, it can be valuable in planning activities during your off time, such as after the trade show is over or when you have a free weekend after a long week of conferences.

Some popular and free third-party weather solutions for Android and Apple smartphones include apps from AccuWeather and the Weather Channel. They provide long-range forecasts and alerts to help you travel comfortably and more safely.

If you’re not sure which free app will be best for you, download as many as you like and test using them before your next trip. If you’re leery about purchasing a weather app, check online reviews to help guide your choice. You might want an app that gives you access to radar images or video weather reports, for example, or would prefer a bare-bones approach with just some basic facts.

Don’t let an unanticipated blizzard or rainstorm derail your carefully arranged travel plans. When you take advantage of the weather services available through your mobile device, you’ll have the information you need to plan accordingly, leaving you to spend more time focusing on your business duties.


Posted on Jan 28 2015

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