Winterizing Your Luggage for Your Next Business Trip

limo service NY, westchester limo serviceWhether you're checking in your luggage or carrying it on, it's likely to experience some cold winter weather to and from the airport. Don't forget to winterize your luggage and the items inside of it to ensure that everything arrives safely.

Consider Purchasing Hard-Cased Luggage

The cold weather isn't the only danger to your items -- slushy, snowy and wet weather is, too. If you don't want your clothing and other personal items to arrive saturated, it's best to purchase hard-cased luggage. If you prefer soft, cloth luggage (or just don't want to purchase new luggage right now), you may want to invest in a small plastic poncho that you can drape over it when moving from place to place. That should help it survive the worst of the damage. You can also wrap your items inside the luggage with plastic wrapping to ensure that they remain safe.

Don't Check Any Toiletries or Other Liquids

If you can help it, avoid bringing any liquids with you to check in. This includes bottles of wine but excludes bottles of hard alcohol. On the tarmac, during transportation and even within the plane itself, the temperatures will get fairly cold. An expensive bottle of wine may very well freeze while it is being transferred from plane to plane over a layover -- and if a bottle of shampoo freezes, it's likely to burst all over the contents of your luggage.

Never Go Anywhere Without All of Your Chargers

Do you have a thirty minute layover? You might not want to bet on it. The winter months offer the most extreme delays and a thirty minute layover can easily turn into an overnight stay. Make sure that you have all the chargers that you need for all your devices. The TSA will now confiscate items that do not turn on (such as smartphones, laptops and tablets), so if you can't charge your items, you'll need to forfeit them.

Consider Simply Shipping Your Luggage in Advance

There are business luggage services which will take your luggage directly from your office to another location. These shipping services are usually fairly affordable; they cost about as much as sending a UPS or FedEx package. During the winter months, it may simply be easier for you to have another company manage them without having to drag your luggage through snow, ice and slush.

Traveling during the winter months can be hectic and a little frustrating, but it doesn't have to represent danger to your belongings! With a little extra planning, you should be able to reduce the majority of the risks.

Posted on Dec 12 2014

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