Work Smarter, Not Harder: 4 Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity

Boosting productivity is important to improving a corporation's mission. Sometimes, it is possible to work so much that less actual goals are achieved. An example would be a call center that mindlessly calls people over and over again. Pretty soon, the people are annoyed with the calls and they take them off their answering machine. The call center actually suffers because its workers were working too much. Working smarter requires realizing how to retain a market and satisfy that market's expectations.

  1. Effort Does Not Always Equal Work

In order to be considered work, effort must accomplish a useful goal to the mission of the organization that we are a part of. Extra effort that does not accomplish a goal is wasted time and money. Making sure that effort goes toward a goal requires identifying what goal your organization should have. Sometimes the problem is not that you do not have a goal. Sometimes the problem is that there are too many goals. Removing unnecessary goals enables smarter work toward the remaining goals.

  1. Get Transportation Help

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  1. Think Through All Options

There are usually multiple ways to solve the problems that occur in life. Some people think there are only one or two ways to solve a problem. They panic when one of the options fails. This is an unhealthy way to plan. Try to develop at least four ways to solve a given problem. You will discover that doing so produces more results and less effort in accomplishing goals. Often, one or two of the ways ends up being a bad fit. If you have developed more than two ways to solve the problem, you will not be ruined by the failure of the plan.

  1. Work Steadily

It is better to achieve something rather than nothing. Even if it seems like workers are not getting enough done, there will be a positive outcome if people are trying. Too much discouragement from management tends to scare a company from innovating enough. Too little encouragement from management tends to make a company lazy about improvement. A good work style is moderate. Some people like to work in bursts and then rest. However, those who achieve the most amount work at a moderate pace throughout the day.


Developing a healthy time management style requires knowing what is inefficient about the current situation. The areas where work seems too fun or too miserable are probably the areas that might need fixing. Work that is too fun creates conflict with others. Work that is too miserable is inefficient and unproductive.

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Posted on May 23 2017

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