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Environmental Policy

This Environmental Policy Statement, which updates the Environmental Policy Statement first implemented in 2002, reflects MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach's on-going commitment to the environment and highlights the ways that our business decisions and policies address the opportunities and challenges raised by today's most significant environmental matters. As a company, MTC Limousine is specifically committed to the following objectives:

Environmental Legislation and Regulation

  • Complying with all legal requirements within our business operations and service provision.

Operations and Business Practices

  • Conducting our operations in a manner that strives to protect the environment, and the health and safety of our employees, neighbors and customers, and striving to exceed their quality expectations.
  • Measuring, monitoring and reducing the carbon and environmental impacts of our fleet.

Our Business

  • Establishing clear and measurable carbon and environmental targets and standards based on industry best practice and managing those through our EMS.
  • Continually identifying and monitoring environmental issues that may arise from our businesses and services and resolving these promptly and effectively.

Community and Employees

  • Fostering a culture of actively caring for all human life, while striving to eliminate unsafe behaviors and conditions.
  • Fostering an environmental awareness amongst our employees and making them an integral part of the organization's sustainability initiatives.


  • Urging all MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach employees and those working on our behalf to help the company identify possible environmental, health & safety, and quality issues in order to continually improve the effectiveness of our management systems.
  • Undertaking regular evaluations of our sustainability initiatives and reporting publicly on our progress in reducing our footprint.

Environmental governance and accountabilities

MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach is actively committed to responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices.

In order to achieve our Carbon Management Strategy and EMS, we have appointed Limousine Environmental Action Partners, LLC, to advise and manage the ongoing development and integration of the MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach Sustainability Program. The relationship with LEAP is managed directly by Trevor Franklin, the company's President and CEO.

Environmental Auditing

In accordance with our Management System requirements, we periodically review MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach's environmental and quality performance, objectives and targets to assess our progress.

The policy statement will be made available to the public and communicated to all persons working for, or on behalf of, MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach.

Trevor Signature

Trevor Franklin

President/Chief Executive Officer

MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach, Inc.

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