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How can I make, change, confirm, or check a reservation?

You can make a reservation via our Online Services or by calling us at (800) 682-1112 and selecting option 1. Reservation requests made via the internet will be confirmed by email within 60 seconds.

What is your rate from point A to Point B?

MTC offers competitive rates based on the point of origin to the point of destination. MTC provides immediate rate quotes in our rate look-up section for our point-to-point rates. For other types of trips, a dedicated vehicle and chauffeur will be assigned to you on a time-based billing basis.

What kind of vehicles do you use?

MTC offers a wide variety of vehicles designed to accommodate single passengers and groups. Our diversified fleet provides an array of different vehicles – from sedans, SUV's and vans to mini-coaches and motor coaches, from 18-passenger to 55-passenger coaches. Please ask one of our representatives for more information.

View these various vehicle types on this Web site on the fleet page.

What cities does MTC service?

MTC serves more than 550 cities throughout the world.

What is MTC cancellation policy?

To cancel a reservation, please call the Global Support Center at (800) 682-1112 . Cancellations must be received at least two hours in advance of the service pick-up time for most U.S. and Canadian locations. International reservations may require up to 24 hours notice. For all reservations, please check your confirmation for the specific policy, which is determined by your city of service and vehicle type.

Do I need to tip my chauffeur?

Gratuities are not expected. MTC rates are all inclusive; we compensate our drivers adequately. Of course, our drivers have been known to go beyond their duties, in this situation if you would like to give your chauffeur an extra tip it will be greatly appreciated but is, surely, not mandated.

How soon before a flight should I be picked up?

For domestic flights, we recommend being at the airport two hours before your flight time. For International flights, we recommend being at the airport three hours before your flight time.

When I book a reservation online, how will I know that MTC received my information?

MTC allows you to book reservations in real-time in more than 500 major markets around the world. When you book a reservation online with us, you will receive a unique confirmation number. This confirmation number is the same as if you placed your reservation with our Global Support Center.

With a secure interface to our back-end system, your personal information is not passed to our staff by email, like many other ground transportation companies on the internet. Therefore, when you book a reservation online, your reservation is automatically booked directly into our reservation system in our offices.

Once your reservation is completed an email confirmation will be generated instantaneously.

I already have an account with MTC. Can I book reservations online?

Yes. If you already have an account with MTC but would like to book reservations online, please contact an agent at (800) 682-1112 and you will be given a USER NAME and PASSWORD. You can change this information after you log in for the first time.

Can I only get receipts for reservations that I booked online?

No, you may obtain receipts online for any of your past trips (commencing after March 1, 2003), whether you booked them online or through our call center.

What type of security measures has MTC used to protect my personal data such as credit card information?

MTC uses a 128 bit encryption certificate from Verisign, the leader in internet security. In addition, MTC Limousine is PCI compliant - Keeping your information private is one of our major concerns.

Why can't I submit my reservation request?

Please check to make sure that you filled in all the required fields on the form. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field. These fields must be filled in completely for the form to be transmitted. If you filled in all the required fields and are still having trouble, please call (800) 682-1112 and we will assist you with your reservation.

What if I encounter other difficulties using your Web site?

Please contact us at (800) 682-1112. Please be prepared to explain the exact situation and circumstances you encountered when you had trouble with the reservation process. Your efforts will assist our staff in responding quickly to your request.

Does MTC use or sell my personal information to other companies for marketing purposes?

Never. You personal information is only used for our records and to communicate with you. We will not give or sell this information to anyone.

Where will I meet my chauffeur when I am at the airport?

For domestic flights, the chauffeur will meet you in the baggage claim area. For international flights, the chauffeur will meet you outside of the custom area. In both cases, the chauffeur will be holding a sign displaying your name.

What if I do not see my Chauffeur?

This sometimes happens due to the airline or airport misinformation. In such a situation, call (800) 682-1112 to contact our office and our staff will match you with your chauffeur in a matter of seconds.

What if my Arriving Flight is delayed?

Our Global Support Center tracks all arriving flights, and we will be aware of all delayed flights. If you miss your flight or connecting flight, you must call into our Dispatch Center at (800) 682-1112 to make them aware of your change in plans. Otherwise you will be charged a "no show" fee.

What should I do if my Arriving Flight is canceled?

Call (800) 682-1112 immediately. It is the responsibility of the traveler or booking agent to advise our office of any change in flight or flight number. The airlines will not tell us what flight you have been rerouted on. You will not be charged and we will not show up for a canceled flight.

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