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The LEAP Partnership

Limousine Environmental Action Partners (LEAP) is assisting MTC Limousine in achieving its sustainability goals through its corporate environmental policy.

The plan includes measuring, monitoring and reducing the carbon and environmental impact of the business, in addition to creating a company culture of environmental awareness.

Based in Newtown, CT, LEAP was formed in 2008 by Patricia Charla, an experienced chauffeured ground transportation and corporate travel executive with international experience, to help "inform, promote, improve, and connect" the entire chauffeured ground transportation supply chain for corporations seeking more sustainable solutions for their organizations.

LEAP provides solutions to environmental issues to chauffeured ground transportation companies and other fleet managers - solutions that are both feasible and substantially better for the environment. This means finding ways to "go green" without raising costs or sacrificing quality. LEAP provides a strategy that smoothes the bumps in the road towards the smarter, more efficient technologies that transportation professionals will inevitably have to embrace over time.

Once each client clearly maps out their environmental footprint LEAP then helps begin the transition towards sustainability. LEAP then helps each company maximizes the value of sustainability combining these solutions with effective marketing and messaging that offer a definitive, competitive advantage. It's simply a fact - a reputation for environmental responsibility positively impacts customers, employees, and ultimately, brand value.

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