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Travel in style with our 2017 Lincoln Continental

Posted On Thursday 27th of July 2017

Travel in style with our 2017 Lincoln Continental

The latest addition to our fleet, the Lincoln Continental 2017, is ready to offer you the most luxurious experience on the way to your next destination, be it a corporate or personal event. Set the tone of your next big event, make an entrance, and make heads turn.

The Lincoln Continental 2017 is a symbol of elegance, comfort, style, the symbol of the American luxury. Discover by yourself. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Quiet Luxury

Today, privacy and space are crucial for a luxury car. The new Lincoln Continental embraces the concept of “quiet luxury” inspired by the world outside, by colors, materials, and textures of nature. The exterior’s subtle beauty is surpassed only by the comfortable interior, combining the three pillars of the concept – space, privacy, quiet.

Power. Comfort. Style.

Lincoln Continental has a fantastic history, and it is known for its iconic style. Elvis Presley. Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, J.F. Kennedy, James Brown and other well-known celebrities, politicians, and corporate leaders have always traveled in style with Lincoln Continental.

77 years after its debut, the new Lincoln Continental is powerful, comfortable and stylish. The exterior is elegant and graceful with a luxurious, roomy cabin that provides many tech features to transform your experience into an even more personal and comfortable ride.

In the cabin, comfort is at hand. You have the power to control your own experience. You can set the perfect seat position according to your body shape. Cooling, heating and massage features are under your control. The Active Noise Control feature offers a quiet environment in the cabin, perfect for a business conversation on the way to a big corporate event. You can turn the cabin into a private concert hall with the Revel audio system. You can enjoy the magnificent views, or you can use the extended sun shades to increase privacy.

Hop inside our Lincoln Continental 2017 for a luxurious, safe, smooth ride in the journey to your next important event. Enjoy every moment!

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