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Top 10 Global Destinations for Meetings and Events

Posted On Thursday 27th of July 2017

Top 10 Global Destinations for Meetings and Events

The success of a great corporate event is found in how well you manage the smallest details. As an event planner, you have to make a lot of important decisions, but one of the most important is choosing the right destination.

When picking the destination for your next big event you are tasked with ensuring that not only will your attendees enjoy the experiences available, but that the specific meeting goals are easily accommodated. So make sure you match the destination with their needs.

We’ve gathered the top 10 hot worldwide destinations dedicated to meetings and events. MTC has had the privilege of managing client groups in all of these destinations during 2016 and 2017.

1. Orlando

According to Cvent’s latest released 2017 Top Meetings Destination List, Orlando is the leader of the top as No. 1 destination dedicated to meetings and events in the world. The combination of quality, accessibility, affordability, flexibility, and the amazing experiences the city and theme parks offer, it is no mystery whyt Orlando has been leading the pack five times in six years. More than 150 hotels dedicated to business meetings, Orlando sets the trends for unforgettable meetings and events.


2. Las Vegas

The Entertainment Capital of the World or the City That Never Sleeps, as Las Vegas is known, ranked No. 2 in the 2017 Top Meetings Destination List. Las Vegas is a popular place that meets all the needs of a corporate event. From meeting space, to luxurious hotel rooms, attractions, entertainment and unique activities, everything in Las Vegas makes the destination appealing to event and meeting planners all over the world.


3. Chicago

The Windy City offers an incredible variety of meeting venues – including McCormick Place, the biggest convention center in the U.S., state-of-the-art services, excellent accommodation, and unique entertainment and cultural options. In 2017, Chicago was ranked as the third best meetings and events destination in the U.S.


4. Nashville

Nashville is a top meeting and events destination in 2017 according to Cvent, and the fastest growing city in the U.S. The cultural diversity, the pleasant environment, safety, price flexibility, high-quality facilities make Nashville the perfect destination for corporate meetings and events.


5. London

London is the No. 1 meetings and events destination in EMEA, according to Cvent. London is a creative city, full of energy, constantly reinventing itself and all these make it the perfect European destination for your next corporate event.


6. Barcelona

With a mild climate, a lot of activities, cultural diversity, stunning architecture, great dining experiences, and an amazing expression of art, Barcelona is now the home to many business events, meetings, and conventions.


7. Berlin

Berlin is known for its expression of art, culture, and vitality, and it also recognized worldwide as the home of medical, economic, and trade conferences. Berlin is an affordable and accessible destination.


8. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as the city of endless possibilities, and this applies to business meetings, events, and conferences, too. Amsterdam is known for its beautiful venues, famous museums and cultural delights, and-state-of-the-art accommodation options.


9. Singapore

Singapore ranked the top meeting and events destination in Asia. It is the perfect destination for meeting planners seeking for an exotic experience. Singapore is known for its diversified culture, beautiful landscapes, fascinating architecture, and an eccentric cuisine.


10. Sydney

Sydney is an important business hub and a top destination for meetings and events. A mild climate, modern culture, spectacular landscapes, unique meeting and events venues, and great accommodation options are the main reasons why more and more events planners choose Sydney to host their impressive events.


Choosing the perfect transportation

After deciding upon the destination for your next big event, it’s time to choose the perfect transportation. We are present in more than 650 cities throughout the world so let us provide you personalized solutions and the peace of mind you and your attendees need.

Our worldwide services include:

  • Airport Car Service Transfers
  • Meeting, Group, and Special Event Management and Planning
  • Corporate and Convention Shuttles
  • Roadshow Planning and Management

Count on us to meet all your chauffeured transportation needs throughout the world.

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