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New Technology Upgrades

Posted On Wednesday 3rd of January 2018

New Technology Upgrades

The staff at MTC Limousine continues to be hard at work upgrading our technology and systems to provide you with a better customer experience and improve our communication capabilities moving forward. Just before the Christmas holiday, we added more upgrades. Some of the system upgrades scheduled for December 22nd were:

  • A new online booking tool. We upgraded online reservations to provide a more user-friendly experience. Designed for you, the user, this booking tool makes booking easier and faster. We provided you with a video to walk you through the system and how it works. And, we are happy to announce that along with the online booking tool we released our brand new website.
  • The system continues to be upgraded with more speed and enhance our direct communication access between our office and our clients, chauffeurs, and passengers, including a more streamlined system for staying in touch with drivers on the road.
  • Simplified confirmations and receipts. Documents are not only easier to read; they arrive in your inboxes more quickly.
  • Our new confirmation has more detailed information about your trip. We, of course, continue to send out the "car on location" alerts. The alerts have detailed information on your trip, the vehicle and direct contact information for your chauffeur.
  • Our passenger profile system has been upgraded again as well, to ensure that we always have your information available immediately when you call. We ask you to be patient over the next couple of weeks as your reservationists review your profiles when they make a booking for you – we are going to take this opportunity to make sure that all of the information we need is, indeed, a part of your permanent records.

We will continue to roll out these and other new features, upgraded user functionalities, more enhanced capabilities, and ease of use in 2018.

While we don’t anticipate any disruption to our reservations procedures or services in the coming weeks/months, some changes may be necessary. We ask for your patience as we not only implement but continue to optimize the upgrade so that MTC continues to provide the best customer experience available in the industry today.

In the coming days/weeks, we’ll be giving you more sneak peeks into the new features and changes designed to improve your online experience with MTC Limousine. We’ll be taking a look at our new online booking features next, so stay tuned!

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