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Launching a new product? Coordinating celebrity promotional appearances? Managing a multi-city press tour? Orchestrating transportation for road shows is extremely demanding, requiring precision and attention to every detail. At MTC Limousine, we have a specialist road show team dedicated exclusively to planning and meeting the on-the-spot needs of these priority customers.

Our road show planning features include a personal customer service representative for each road show account, one-hour turnaround time for confirmation requests, accommodation of special needs, continual communication with customer service, worldwide service, advanced route planning, a wide selection of vehicle types, meet-and-greet service, and timely billing and reporting.

All MTC Limousine road show planners receive access to a dedicated 800 number, fax number and e-mail address for bookings, account status, itinerary updates and more.

Our road show operation team makes the entire reservation process straightforward. You just have to send us your travel logistics, in any format, and let us take care of all the details.

Call us today at (914) 241-9211 and choose MTC Limousine to be your road show partner.

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