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Advanced Technologies

MTC Limousine understands that the key to a successful corporate ground transportation program is the combination of high-quality personal service and state-of-the-art technology.

The comprehensive MTC Limousine global technology platform provides every tool that large corporate transportation buyers need to minimize and manage costs while maximizing passenger services.

Companies worldwide increasingly want to not only manage their ground transportation services locally, but globally as well.

Finding a corporate ground transportation company that can coordinate local services throughout the world is a challenge, since most "global" operators are little more than a loosely-fragmented consortia, with little to no control over service levels, vehicle safety and management information integrity.

MTC Limousine is different in that we provide, for the first time, the balance between local flexibility and global control.

In today's fast-paced environment, companies rely on their global ground transportation programs as essential business services and therefore demand a seamless interaction across multiple service touch points: phone, web reservations, email, chat, SMS and conceivably, social networking channels.

MTC Limousine provides complete functionality that enable organizations to manage reservations and customer service interactions across multiple channels, multiple providers and multiple time zones.

By integrating phone, web, email and chat channels, via a managed provider program, MTC Limousine empowers our customers to connect with us on their terms, while enforcing policy and validation, regardless of the channel utilized for the reservation.

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